Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back with a Finish

Hi, folks!  That was an unexpectedly long break...it has been a very busy start to 2016 and I can't see that ending soon.  There was no regular sewing time happening due to starting full time hours at  job #1, training a replacement at job #2, starting my position as Secretary of our Modern Quilt Guild, going to Road to California, spending time with our grandson, moving our youngest from our house to her own place across town, attending my nephew's wedding in Mammoth, and a "Sprinkle" for our expectant older daughter when we got back. Life has been pretty nuts, but the happy kind!

I have a finish to share, as in queen sized.  This quilt started with a bunch of gifted 9.5" bullseye raw edged blocks from Mary of Quilt Hollow.  I made more blocks and a small quilt top with some borders, but the project expanded greatly when my brother needed a bigger quilt for his new bachelor pad.  There was MATH, there was internet searching for additional appropriate border fabric, more bullseye blocks made and quartered and added, backing and batting bought.  Finally, in January I handed off the quilt to the quilter and got it back a month later. Binding was quickly made and applied and even a label got put on.  Here is Bullseye Quartered, a real quilt at last. 

Our tall neighbor and my husband held up the beast for some late afternoon photos.  The layout is my own design.  I favor diagonal lines and the quartered blocks were fun to play with.  This finished at over 100" in length with slightly less width :)

Truer colors in this closeup.  Lots of scraps and odd pieces were used up in this quilt.  It felt good to clear out some older stash.  See the yummy cables and swirls. Custom quilting by Georganna Hawley.

Delicious from the back, too.  I like a pieced back, but sometimes a wide single fabric backing is the best choice to show off quilting.  My local fabric store had this extra wide fabric so no waiting for ordering and shipping, another bonus.  

 Georganna's squiggles, swirls and cables enhanced the traditional prints and colors so well.

Mini the cat took the first nap on the quilt as it lay over the couch after being washed (poor nighttime lit photo).  The raw edges have fuzzed and crinkled and look wonderful.  Can't wait to see this on the bed. Oh, it's good to have a finish!  Next finish will be the Timber quilt--the top is complete and the backing in progress. 

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