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Design Wall Monday--Binding Extravaganza

Design Wall Monday is here again .-- on Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.  On my to-do list has been large quilt binding.  I have had a king sized quilt awaiting binding for many months, with an almost-enough pile of binding awaiting final measuring before applying to the quilt.  I don't know why I let these jobs linger for so long!  Looking back in my files, I got it back from the quilter almost a year ago.  Shameful!  So yesterday the binding--all 400 inches--got stitched on. This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern, I think it's called Rick Rack Nines. Now that the binding is on, I'm trying to decide if I am crazy enough to hand stitch it to the back, or if machine binding will be fine--I'm leaning towards machine!  It's a quilt for our bed.   More miles of binding were cut and sewn for two donation quilts.  We are still giving quilts to victims of the Thomas Fire and Montecito mudslide disasters.   Isn't this one pretty?  These are Perkiomen Valley bloc

Squirrel #2 of the Week, and Blogger Email Notifications

Squirrel #2 of the week is a project that was already started--Bonus points for that squirrel!  I think I bought this kit at Road to CA last year.  The company is Pineapple Fabrics and they had kits made up of different projects in the yummiest fabric, with original patterns and lots of color combinations.  I must have spent 20 minutes circling the display before I finally selected one for placemats.  Last month I got all the pieces cut, but made a decision to change the final construction after I had assembled the center fronts and the back pieces.  I made mine scrappier, no surprise there!  While I liked the hourglass center and the fabric variety, I changed the matching side borders (as shown in the pattern photo) and decided to make mine quilt-as-you-go rather than stitch and turn.  I like a binding on my placemats. Needing some mindless stitching last night, I set to work on the sandwiching and quilting.  Stripes, polka dots, birdies, and raindrops--aren't these fabr

A Decision and a Squirrel Project

I hope all the dads had a great Father's Day.  We went to a BBQ at my Mom and Dad's and all my siblings were there, lots of nieces and nephews, for about 30 guests.  Boy does it take a lot of set up and clean up, but we sure had fun.  The grandsons had a great time being spoiled with attention as they were the youngest in the crowd. Now that Narragansett Browns is a finished top, I need a new leader-ender project.  A few years ago, American Patchwork and Quilting magazine had a sew along they called Go Four It, based on four patches.  I fell in love with Edyta Sitar's design, a bar quilt with braids of four patches.  However, her design called for 1.25" pieces for the four patches and I don't save pieces that small, so resized ito utilize my 1.5" and 2.5" precut strips and squares.  These I have used as leader-enders for quite some time and I have made hundreds of four patches.  Last year I showed a possible alternate layout , and have made lots mor

Design Wall Monday--June 11, 2018

Same old, same old from this design floor!  But Narragansett Blues (in Browns) is a finished top at last. Since I simplified the border of Bonnie Hunter's design by using strips, the corners worked out differently, but I'm not too fussed about it in this very busy quilt. I chose to highlight the dark/light of the patchwork by making the center square a light in the 9 patches that made up the corners of the outer border. I don't think anyone will notice the break in the alternate you? Keeping up the momentum, I immediately set about constructing a backing.  The top came out 64x88" unfinished and I pulled more brown yardage to cobble together.   Both of these fabrics have lingered in the stash for too long.  The Thimbleberries print on the right I have had for more than 5 years.  The brown in the background never matched anything I tried to put it with before, and the block print on the left I couldn't make work into something sizable

Slow Sunday Stitching--June 3

Progress has been made on a stitchery I started a month or two ago, and I have enjoyed working on it some mornings before work.  Our bedroom gets lots of morning light and the sun sure comes up early these days.  Home Grown Gerber Daisy Love, by AdornIT Since I last shared a photo, I've completed all the flower petals and almost all of the Mason jar glass aqua color.  The aqua and a gray for the jar lid were purchased for this stitchery, as neither color was present in my thread stash in the right shade.  See more slow stitching on Kathy's blog. There is a stray thread on the stitchery in this picture, from the other project consuming my time, a version Narragansett Blues (Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville pattern). The plain border was added today and two of the pieced borders assembled and added.  It is now too big for my sewing room so I had to lay it out in the living room to take the photo.  The brown floor isn't the best complement for the shot :) I am hap