Monday, June 13, 2016

Design Wall Monday--and some sewing room KonMari

Off my design wall is my version of "High Cotton", from Kim Diehl's Simple Comforts book series.  A completed top is such a wonderful stage to get to!

I did manage to make things a little more difficult for myself in the assembly.  Apparently early in the block-making portion (2 years ago!), although the book instructions said to press the away from the center row, I had decided to press the seams in one direction.  But I forgot about that on later blocks and pressed as directed.  Then when I put together the block rows, I re-pressed every other block's seams towards the center for nesting purposes.  However, on the alternate rows, which are turned to make the chains zig-zag, I had to press the single errant seam back away from the center.  I think I had to re-press 90% of the blocks!   But in the end all the seams nested and the chains came together nicely.  My aim was to copy Kim's unique use of brights and zingers with the quieter repros.  What do you think?

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There was also more KonMari-ing in the sewing room--thread was the next subcategory.  I'd already been through my machine sewing thread in a previous sewing room reorganization but there were dozens of these in various places that needed to be gone through:
All of these vintage wooden thread spools!  This is an amalgamation of my Grandma's and my mother-in-law's sewing stuff.  I ran into a giant snag in this effort as the collection probably really resides in the "Sentimental" or keepsake category, which is the last and hardest category in KonMari Method.  I dilly-dallied looking up the thread company information and age of the spools, sorting them into manufacturer and by size.  I was also distracted by vintage promotional sewing kits I found in my mother-in-law's stuff.  Another rabbit hole!

 I wonder if the Perma-Kurl Beauty Shop still exists in Oakland, NE, my MIL's hometown?

This was a famous old casino and is now the site of Harrah's casino (I think).  I don't know if my MIL actually visited the casino, as it appears she picked up this promotional giveaway item in Omaha, NE, where she lived and worked before moving to California in the late 1940's.  There is a Facebook page for the Wagon Wheel Saloon and I saw a photo of memorials to the owners listed on the back.

 I'm pretty sure no one mends hosiery anymore!

My intention with the wooden spools all along was to use them decoratively and I had fun choosing as many as I liked to fill this thread holder.  the bottom row is full of Belding Corticelli silk thread and silk buttonhole twist bobbins, love them! Some of the rack's spindles are broken but that's not bothering me at the moment, I can always get another rack.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hunter's Quilt Finish

Time goes fast--I meant to post about grandson Hunter's quilt finish a week ago.  I did complete the quilt on the deadline, his 3 month mark, and took it over to DD Elaine so he could be posed on it for photos.
 Here is the little charmer inspecting the quilting and blocks, from Mama's lap.  

What a little flirt, with that half smile! Hunter is growing well and getting so much personality.  He loves to watch his brother Cove, but his best smiles are saved for his Mama.

 It was hard to get a good photo of the quilting, but you can see where concentric partial circles from opposite corners I stitched overlapped  in the center.  I was happy at how my idea worked out.  It was not too painful, using the guides provided that slide into the back of my walking foot.  I did use a little piece of tape on the guide bar to avoid having to continuously remeasure the 2" width I was going for.  The bars are not fixed and can be pushed in when shifting fabric under the foot and needle.  Spray basting is key to this method!

I used the monkey print for a one-piece backing, and a solid black for the binding.  Again, this pattern is Adam's Rib, from Fons and Porter magazine.  It was an easy block and I can see myself making this again in a different colorway.  So glad Hunter now has a quilt from his Mimi, made with much love.

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