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Slow Sunday Stitching Again

I have occasionally joined Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching--more often than not I fail to post stitching progress on her blog linkup, but I enjoy reading and seeing all the pretty stitching news.  I've been working on the Slave Quarters stitchery that will eventually become a quilt for my sister.     Lately I've been working on it in the mornings for a few minutes before breakfast, since I have to wait 30 minutes after I take my thyroid pill to eat anything.   There is a lot of open space on this panel, which is on about an 11x17" piece of fabric.  I should get this finished by the end of the week at this rate; two smaller panels remain to be traced and stitched. I'll also be slow stitching down a binding for a wedding gift due next weekend, a tablerunner for our oldest niece.   These HSTs were sewn into a top in November 2018 and I got it sandwiched and quilted today.  The binding is an aqua solid and has been attached.  See more Slow Sunday St

June Gloom and Sewing Room

Typically in Southern California, low clouds and fog hug the coast in the morning and burn off in the early afternoon.  No so for the past week or so--it has been socked in all day, living up to the June Gloom title.  While that means we don't need to get out our room air conditioning unit yet, it makes for long days with no sun!  It has been easy to stay in the sewing room with this weather.  I think I have finally made enough of the Chunky Churndash blocks to move on to the alternate hourglass block.  For that I will have to confer with my Dad about what colors to use. The dark red print I bought during the Coastal Quilt Run may appeal to him.  One thing I noticed about Bonnie's free pattern (available at ) is that no yardage measurements were given for the alternate blocks or the borders!  I'm sure I can figure it out but it would have been nice to have a starting point--my version will have more blocks and less border.  I will use her Essential Tria

Design Wall Monday: Blocks Everywhere

Design Wall Monday: See more blogs on Judy's Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.    Sewing time was sketchy this past week but I did get a few things done. The block for the pizza box swap for guild was finished on time but I ended up not going to the meeting on Monday and then received two more pizza boxes the next day, so now I have a stack of three.  The next recipient will likely not be pleased to receive three at once--perhaps I'll parcel them out over the month, lol.  Sarah's box included a thick card catalog of block designs and I chose this 12" windmill block.  There were no instructions other than the size of pieces to cut for one's desired block size, but it went together easily--without any chopped off points, too, yay. . More Chunky Churn Dash blocks for my Dad's quilt were added to the piles.  I now have over 40 made and need at least 60. Stripes and dots and tiny prints--I'm having a ball playing in the scraps.  I'll need to f

Busy Times, Lucky Times

Plenty of activity going on outside of the sewing room--I've only managed to sew four blocks this week--as a test for the newlywed's quilt.  Our older daughter and family are mid-move, their new home is not quite ready with the renovations they are doing (kitchen tile just went down yesterday!), and they have to be out of their current house by tomorrow. Luckily her mother-in-law and her husband have plenty of room for them to stay until it is ready.  We've been helping with childcare and had a grand time with the boys yesterday at our house for a few hours.  They are in constant motion at 3 and 5, and of course are  always in need of snacks. All of us have fingers-crossed for no hiccups in the completion of renovations. In other news, I was the very lucky winner of JanetO's blogversary giveway --she had to draw three times for an eligible entry.  The package arrived with interesting lumps and bumps.  Mini was present for the grand unveiling. Mini immediately

Design Wall Monday--Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour

On my Design Floor is a small project started at a late hour.  My sister and I talked about doing the Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour but didn't finalize plans until late.  We were happy to be welcome to stay with longtime friends/neighbors overnight on Saturday at their new house. I rummaged through my box of Unfinished Small Projects and came across a baggie of pinned four patch blocks for a mini quilt  to give as a housewarming gift.  It sewed up fairly quick and I snapped a pic to send my sister Kathy.  Mini performed QC but missed the twisted block ( now marked with an X).  Grr, the chain was broken.  I got the block unpicked and resewn and located an appropriate backing, however decided the wee hours were not a good time to attempt quilting.  It will be stitched up soon. Our first stop was Superbuzzy in town on Friday night, where we plotted the next day's tour, deciding to start with the Old Town Quilt Shop in Orcutt.  Someone made this great sign with all the