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On a very sad note, my 98 year old mother-in-law, Frances, who has been living in Memory Care for a year, and under Hospice the last few months, last Thursday had an unwitnessed fall.  She apparently hit her head and left knee, but was otherwise visibly unhurt.  However, she became short of breath later that day and then unresponsive overnight.  Hospice staff put her to bed on oxygen and morphine and monitored her.  She passed away on Sunday morning, 10/22/17, having never regained consciousness.   Frances (98) and granddaughter Erica , May 2017 A tough old Swede, Frances had bounced back so many times, it was a shock to everyone.  She had expressed many times over the past few years, though,  that she was "ready to go" and wondered "why the Lord didn't take her".  She is rejoined now with those she loved and missed who preceded her, including her husband Marion,  all her siblings, her parents, and many friends.  We will celebrate her long life with fami

Thursday Again

We in SoCalif have survived a sweltering few days of record-breaking heat.  It was 97, 106, 104, 103, and finally today only reached the upper 80s.  At least the humidity has been low, making it possible to still move around without feeling like you were dying.  Our recently acquired room air conditioner has made sleeping possible. A little sewing has been happening, for the retreat trip departure a week from today.  Two volunteer sign up projects are due at check in--a blind swap project with another attendee, and a challenge using provided Michael Miller fabrics (selections from In Bloom, by Sandra Clemons , and two solids). For the swap project, I originally was going to complete an in-progress small quilt that needed a bit more machine quilting and then binding.  But while browsing at the Cotton and Chocolate quilt shop, I came across a sale bin and came home with a new idea from a Fig Tree & Co pattern.  Solids pulled from the fat quarter dresser and some Kona Snow were qu

Working and Playing

Though not blogging, I've been busy, including in the sewing room.  The baby quilt I showed last time is now a completed top.  Pattern is Signed, Sealed, Delivered from APQ mag April 2017.  I left off the two borders. It went together nicely and I'm happy with the color placement.  Unfortunately, the fabric I had bought for the backing was not quite long or wide enough for quilt sandwich purposes, so some surgery was necessary.  Luckily I had purchased enough of the pink background fabric to extend the backing as well as for the binding. Sometimes I am smart enough to buy extra, generally MATH is a struggle! I drew out several designs but liked this arrangement best.  The print is a Valori Wells design.  I'm pondering quilting designs but will likely go with a very simple channel quilting.  My Dad and his fraternal twin had a big birthday and while at the party, my Uncle asked how I did with my quilts at the Fair, so I showed him photos on my phone.  I asked if

Design Wall Monday--Oct 9

On my design floor today is a baby quilt I'm making. It's for my daughter's friend and she requested a more minimalist design. I showed the fabrics a couple of posts ago, but hadn't chosen a background.  That required a shopping trip, so after work Friday I headed to the local fabric store, and pulled a few bolts.    I loved this text print the best, but DD thought it was too busy. She also didn't choose the Grunge fabric in white.  Thumbs up was given to the solid pink Kona (Flesh).  It's a warmer toned very light pink.  I washed and ironed everything and got cutting and sewing Sunday.  Since, as usual, I deviated from the pattern (Signed, Sealed, Delivered, APQ mag April 2017), I made a cheat sheet for the pieces I needed.  Cutting was pretty simple and I got right to piecing.   The chisel-shaped pieces required marking, slicing, and trimming, and I wish I could have figured a way to skip that step, but there weren't that many to do, af

October Already

Time flies whether we like it or not, and the last of September disappeared in a puff.  I didn't seem to get much of anything done in the sewing room last week--the backing for the Moda Love quilt is still laying across the cutting board awaiting finishing, I have several Must Do projects to complete in the next four weeks that I haven't even started, and I'm no further along on the UFO pick  for last month--which was a crash and burn due to MATH.  Judy picked #6 for October, so add Pinwheel Garden project to the pile.  I am very lucky to have such problems, with all the destruction, pain and sorrow, fear and loss happening in the world daily.  Grateful my loved ones are safe and well and hope to keep them so, and yours too, dear readers!  Some fabric play did happen, though, continuing to work on pieces stitched on National Sew a Jelly Roll day, which needed to be cut into 2.5" sections for 4 patches for Jewel Box blocks. I found it easiest to pair up two s