Sunday, August 27, 2023

Slow Sunday Stitching-Moon Over Blackbird

 Slow Sunday Stitching—Kathy's Quilts. 

I’m spending pleasant minutes here and there on a free Lizzie Kate Fall stitch—even though Fall seems a far off place with all the heat/humidity lately. Moon Over Blackbird has been fun to work on  

I like these pre-stretched blanks for quick projects. I’ll put another thread length or two into the project before heading to the sewing room. 
I was at the ironing board last weekend while we were waiting on Hurricane Hilary, it was raining pretty well when the Ojai Earthquake hit. We’re not that far from Ojai so it was very scary—lots of aftershocks. We felt the stronger aftershock a couple of days later—at 4 am—I couldn’t get back to sleep so got up and stitched for a bit. That’s enough major nature events this decade!

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Surviving Hilary and an Earthquake, and Quilting

SO, we are being deluged by Hurricane Hilary the now Tropical Storm,  a first for California in over 100 years.. After meeting our son and grandsons at the park and watching our daughter in law play soccer this morning (she's playing goalie), it began to rain as we left, and has been raining ever since, pretty steadily. I spent most of the morning thereafter in the sewing room getting a quilt top sandwiched.  I was still in the sewing room when we had a 5.1 earthquake strike Ojai, 20+ miles away.  It was quite a ride during the quake and for many aftershocks thereafter.  Fortunately there was no significant damage to relate. 

I picked up my Fair entries early in the week an gathered up all the ribbons.  There were judge's comments on the back of each tag, and pretty much each one indicated more quilting was recommended.  I suppose I'll have to use that as my guide to win a blue ribbon again at the Fair! I did get awarded 4 second place, a third, and two honorable mentions.  

Quite a pile to bring home.  I'll cash my $7.00 prize check sometime, as the cashier was long closed by the time I went to the Fairgrounds after work.

Grandson Hunter's quilt saw some action on Saturday while hubby Grant was away. I got all the blocks assembled.  

They are quite busy and it seemed wise to suggest a narrow sashing to Hunter's mommy.  He chose a dark green, from my suggestions.  I'll need to purchase that at the fabric store. 

Sunset last night was amazing.  I caught the sliver moon in another pic. 

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