Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sewing Room Work

In between looking for a new job, there is plenty to keep me busy in the sewing room.  I promised DD Erica some Euro pillows at Christmas and it has taken me until now to get to them.   I wanted to try this idea I pinned some time ago.  I started with a linen-cotton chunk of yardage purchased on clearance at JoAnn's several years ago. Euro pillows are big so I was able to get the fronts and backs only out of the piece I had.  I pin basted the fronts to a muslin backing.  Of course I had to wash and iron the muslin before using it, but that was easily done in the sink.
Quilted with a walking foot about 1" apart with an ombre quilting-weight thread. 

I have no recollection of buying this thread but sometimes things in clearance bins end up here!

Zigzagged the edges to prevent fraying and to keep the quilting intact.  I just used my walking foot and the same ombre thread since I'm lazy.  Now on to the big stitch quilting.
This Presencia ombre embroidery floss I bought at my local fabric store.  I got three skeins and used a full skein on half of the 26" front panel of one pillow!  Today I'll swing by the shop again to see if there is more. I only need one skein to finish both pillows.  I'd rather not have to order it.

Closeup of the quilting design--I chose to put only one row of stitching every other section to cut down on the finishing time.  I altered the stitch length a little to help differentiate it.

I think it looks good on the muslin backing too :)   Portable work is nice to have.  Last month I started working on a cross-stitch pattern I bought more than two years ago, stitching during lunch hour.  And as I'm clearing my horizontal surfaces in the sewing room, there are more half finished projects unearthed.  So I'll be very busy until I get paid work.  But there was still time to have lunch with my favorite 14 month old last week:

The fountain was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.  Too adorable for words.  He was available for babysitting a couple of days ago, and will be again on Saturday.  Love that!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Finish

The modern baby quilt my daughter and I picked out fabrics for at Superbuzzy so many months ago is finally finished. 
The pattern is Scout, by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew.  One exception to her pattern is the top and bottom borders. My daughter likes the floating look.

I used cream, olive green, and navy thread to free-motion quilt different curvy designs I made up as I went along. I left most of the light fabrics and the acid yellow and silver Cotton +Steel print unquilted. 

After burying about a hundred or two threads, the binding and label were attached.  The quilt is having its first bath now and I'll deliver it to my daughter shortly.  I worked on the quilting last weekend at our Modern Quilt Guild Meet-Up.  My sister helped me spray baste the layers.  We had a great time sewing together--a couple of dozen members--as well as eating, making selvage bags, and winning wonderful goody bags.  It is such a pleasure to sew with friends!

Next on the list is a bunch of pillows.  I promised some Euro pillows to other daughter Erica at Christmas, and I have 6 pillows to sew for my patio chairs.  I want to get these all done in the next week.  Given that I just unexpectedly got laid off on Tuesday, I should manage that easily. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Other Stitches--What I'm Working on Wednesday

There has been some other stitching going on besides Winding Ways.  Two of the projects I can't show, but am having an interesting time with. As noted in this post here, I joined a Round Robin in my  Modern Quilt Guild.  So far I have worked on two member's projects, both very different, and last night we swapped again.  The quilts will have four rounds only and there are no specific steps for each round, though a border of about 5" at most is suggested.  Being modern, it is all about improv and design, using either fabrics provided or adding your own.  It is really challenging me!  We will have the big reveal in June. Can't wait to see what mine ends up looking like, from this:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Winding Ways Commission Finish

At last,  Winding Ways is a completed commission!   My sister Kathy helped me make my deadline by burying threads (there was cursing) while I sewed on the label.  I was still stitching it when my client friend Sarah arrived for pickup.  She was very pleased with the quilt and looking forward to sending it off to her sister and brother in law in Arizona--a gift for their 50th wedding anniversary. A few photos were quickly taken with my phone before she departed. 

Amateur shot--footed wavy quilt with shadow and chimney hat.

I emailed her the next day to ask if I could come over to get better photos and also to fix an error that would bug me forever if I didn't correct it. 
Much better!  Click to enlarge.

Here is Winding Ways with the scrappy binding and threads all buried. And the Minky back:

Spot the Rookie Mistake?

Of course, no one would know looking at the quilt back in the photo, but the label is sideways.  I wanted it to be in the lower right corner and somehow it ended up in the upper right facing the side.  This is what happens when you are rushing at the end of a long overdue deadline!  Luckily, it was an easy fix and I got to spend time chatting with my friends and some last minutes with the quilt while I resewed.  I love the extra shapes the quilting brings out.

My friend will give the washing instructions and also tell the couple about the meaning of the turquoise circle--the heart of the quilt and a sign of the two becoming one.  I hope they love the design as much I do, and that the quilt gives them many years of happy use.  One final photo I await sharing--a picture of the couple with the quilt.

Quilt Facts: 8x10 layout, 64x80", 960 pieces, 8 different copper prints, 8-9 different cream prints, 1 turquoise print.  All pieces cut with Accuquilt Go Winding Ways die.  Minky backing from Pieced, quilted and bound all by domestic sewing machine.  Started September 2014--Finished 4/5/2015.

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