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Goodbye, 2017

It's been a mixed bag this year for the blog in 2017.  I thank all the faithful readers and welcome new followers, who continue to visit my little corner of blogland, despite its diminished light!  There were a number of stressors in Real Life that made it hard to have a lot to talk about if I didn't have something crafty or quilty to show, and which sapped my energy to do the crafty or quilty things.  My sister Kathy continues to push me along, out of my rut, and I'm grateful she does.   I'm taking a step back from some time commitments/activities in 2018 and hope to channel more energy to what I love best--besides my family--spending time with needle and thread.     There were finishes in 2017, nearly every month, including: Star Crossed, for DD Erica, from APQ mag April 2016 but simplified design.  Made with a Ricky Tims' hand-dyed fabric aged in the stash for many years, and a Dimples print in green.  Flying baby geese quilt, March 2017.  Made from le

Christmas 2017

Our son being out of the country, our family Christmas Eve dinner was one smaller than usual.  We were happy to have our girls, son in law, and grandsons for pasta and salad dinner followed by brownies, iced molasses cookies, and of course, presents. A smaller tree this year but just as festive with lights and ornaments.   Cozy sweaters for the girls.  There was a slightly panicked few minutes when Cove, who wanted to use the candle snuffer, slid into the gap of the chair back, unnoticed by me as he climbed up to the table, and then got stuck.  Daddy had to rescue him, to tears and cries of "I'm going to be stuck here forever" and "we need a fireman", by forcing one rung free.  Thankfully, it was all over within a couple of minutes and after some respite in Mama's arms, he was ready to play again.   Here he's pretending to be the knight he just dressed on the magnetic figure Mimi got him, using an imaginary sword.   The aftermath!  Hunt

December Catchup

Since my last post, the Thomas Fire has made it's way through nearly 274,000 acres of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, and has the dubious distinction of being named the largest fire in California history. Over 700 homes were destroyed (500+ in my city), many others damaged, and thousands of acres of ranchland and orchards with beehives destroyed.  At one point there were over 8500 fire personnel on this fire; by today it has decreased to somewhere in the 2000s.  It is 65% contained and still a dangerous threat due to the severe dryness and Santa Ana winds, with no rain in sight.  They are hoping to have the fire 100% contained by January 7, which does not mean put out!  Sadly, one San Diego firefighter died while fighting the fire in Fillmore.  We watched on TV the transport procession and all the firefighters, first responders and residents lined up on every freeway overpass and roadside honoring his terrible loss. This picture was taken 12/14 when there was still a l

Thomas Fire

My city/county has been on fire since Monday night. The Thomas Fire started northeast of us in the next city over, and due to severe Santa Ana winds, rapidly burned through 10-12 miles of dry brush in the foothills.   We lost power about 9 pm and, along with our neighbors, tried to find out from our cell phones what was happening.  This was the scene from our upstairs window as flames crept down the foothills a mile or two away. Evacuation orders were soon announced as the fire began to consume neighborhoods.  Our son was under mandatory evacuation, living very close to the hills, and he packed a bag and bugged out to his sister's at the beach. A nephew went to his grandparent's house. Our other daughter and her family packed up essentials for themselves and the kids and waited for word of evacuation, as did we.  It is funny what you find yourself picking up and considering valuable at a time like that.  We loaded the cars and dozed, on and off, through the wee hours of t