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Tuesday's Orts--8/31/10

Tuesday rolls around again and out I toss this week's orts from my brain: Turn signals, people!  'Nuf said? My son Nick turned 25 years old the other day.  How is it that I still look so young and beautiful?  HA HA HA HA  hee hee, hoo--boy, I crack myself up!  Lucky man, he spent his birthday in the Adirondacks with his girlfriend at Great Camp Sagamore .  I looked up the camp online and on their event calendar was a Quilter's Weekend.  Poor guy can't get away from quilters even on his vacation!  Correction: I wuz wrong!  He stayed somewhere else entirely, Pine Tree Point on Lake Saranac.  My bad! I don't mind doing my own laundry (Grant does his, Erica's, and the household linens-- I know, I know! ).  I probably should appreciate the exercise I get going up and down the stairs 85 times while doing the laundry.  But I don't. My new sewing area is already overwhelmed with stuff.  It's only been two weeks! Fall is the best time to come to Southern Ca

Design Wall Monday--Aug 30, 2010

Layout of all the Bowtie quilt pieces commenced late this evening so no Switcheroo portion of the process happened.  Here's the first go: I can already tell a lot of Switcheroo will be happening: too dark at one end and I don't like the disappearing bowtie in the center which is of too low contrast.  Overall I am liking my plan and trying to imagine how I am going to quilt it.  Go to Judy's blog to see all the other Design Walls!

Nine Patch progress

A while ago I joined Julie's 9 patch block exchange.  What with all the moving and shaking going on here at Casa de Orts, I haven't made much progress on my 78 blocks.  Luckily they are not due for another three weeks! The colors are not reading well but the two lower stacks are purples.  It has been fun to pull fabrics and make up different batches.  I feel like I'm doing "serial sevens" because each fat quarter and background I have cut up has produced about seven 9-patches.  Combos waiting in the wings...not sure about that Thimbleberries one on the left--it might be too bright for Civil War repros, but I do like the print a lot.  See Julie's blog for the great variety of yummy blocks we swappers will enjoy at the end!  I picked up the McCall's Quilting mag for September/October and there is a great pattern combining 9 patches, churn dash, and basket blocks with a star printed fabric that I just love, called  Cocoa Baskets .  I can see using some of

Finding Beauty

A heartfelt thank you for all the comforting comments on my last post.  The family has made arrangements for a memorial next weekend and has requested that no one wear black; as Aaron was a happy kid who loved sports, they have even suggested wearing sports jerseys.  Rest in peace, little guy! I took this photo of some gorgeous gladiolus stems the evening we heard about Aaron.   The sunset was making them glow in my kitchen's garden window. I always wish flowers like this had a wonderful smell to go along with their beauty, but I am enjoying them just the same.  I have been sewing a bit and plan to do even more today.  I sure would like a finish this month and only have a few days to do it!  Happy Saturday, everyone.

Hug Ur Babies

That was our neighbor's post on Facebook this morning, a reminder that life is short.  Last evening just after 6 PM Grant noticed there were some police officers walking up the street, not a common occurrence on our cul de sac.  They went up to several doors and then up to the end of the cul de sac.  After about 20 minutes, I saw that three of the neighbor ladies that I play Bunco with were standing across the street talking so I went out to find out what was going on.  They told me that someone, still unindentified, called 911 when they heard a woman hysterically screaming for help outside on the lawn of a house at the end of our cul de sac.  Another neighbor, a police detective, immediately ran to her aid.  She had just gotten a phone call with the horrific news that her 4 year old grandson had drowned in a swimming pool at a BBQ party.  Shivers ran all over me at this awful news.  This darling little blonde boy spent much of his time at his grandparent's house while his pare

Tuesday's Orts--8/23/10

How is it that suddenly the end of August is nearly here?  Time for another edition of Tuesday's Orts, things that float around my head all week and land here. As a Medical Transcriptionist typing for the hospital's physiology department, a lot of the patients are elderly.  But last week was the oldest yet--I typed an echocardiogram on a patient who was 104!  Astounding to imagine that she was my age in 1953, 57 years ago!  As a quilter, I am picturing the kinds of fabrics she would see by the bolt in the stores, to make her dresses and household goods. Today the patient worklist included, one above the other, an O'Hara and a Butler.  I often quote dear Scarlett, "I can't think about that today, I'll go crazy if I do.  I'll think about that tomorrow!"  I have read Gone With the Wind about 10 times.  Love that book. The ladies at work are trying to turn me into a Chica.  In high school there was a club called MECHA that the Mexican-Americans joined. 

New Sewing Desk Complete!

My young man, Nick, the guy with the tools, helped me out for an additional hour and a quarter.  We attached the air lift, the sewing machine platform, put on the casters, both doors, both support wings for the top, and the extension table. Adjusting the air lift for the machine to sit at the right height level with the table required some fiddling. About to attach the final hardware--the doorknobs.  See how large the chair area is with the doors open?  My kneecaps should remain unbruised from now on. The quilt extension leaf folds out with support legs. And it slides over to wherever it is needed.  A very cool feature. Thank you, Tall Young Man with Tools!  Here she is, all closed up and purty.  Bertha will get a new name and also some new doorknobs--I am not fond either of those that she came with.  Any name suggestions? 


So Russell the dog and I are just chillin this morning, me with my Earl Grey tea and a new quilting mag, when there is a loud, crunchy, rustling kind of crash.  Having no directional hearing, I rely on Russell to tell me where it is coming from.  He runs to the screen door to the backyard and I follow.  He zooms over to the side fence and then glances down the side of the yard, starts to run over but then hesitates.  I think, oh no, is there some animal in the yard?  So I go look--it's not animal, it is vegetable.  And then I go get my camera. The crunchy crash was this thing, from the palm tree in our neighbor's yard. My hand for scale--really big fruit/seed pods. You may be able to make out two more of these hanging seed structures in the Queen palms.  While I was snapping pictures of the palms, I heard another crunchy crash and realized the neighbor was using a pole saw to cut them off.  He came over to say he thought it would fall on his side.  No matter, nothing was hu

Adventures in Assembly

Coming home from work Thursday evening, I drove up our block to find several of the men in the neighborhood gathered around the open hood of  van belonging to one of the neighbor's daughters, who earlier in the day had needed to borrow my jumper cables as her vehicle would not start.  Beyond the gaggle of men and vehicles was a large brown truck.  As in UPS, stopped in front of our house.  A set of boxes was being delivered.  Yay!  My desk had arrived. Stacks and stacks of pieces got unpacked from these boxes...along with piles of hardware and a thick instruction book.  I like putting together furniture and have done it many times.  My muffin tins always come in handy for all the cam locks, screws, etc. However, starting a project like this at 9:00 PM on a weeknight was not my best choice.  After two hours and putting the same piece in wrong twice and having to take the desk apart twice, my assistants and I quit at a pretty good stopping point. Unfortunately, I needed help

Tuesday's Orts--8/17/10

I nearly forgot about Tuesday's Orts!  Luckily my brain is full of stuff to share :) County Fair favorites:  Indian Fry Bread with powdered sugar and associated shower of dust coating my face and shirt with each bite; little kids sunburnt in strollers; people watching--and the gawking at totally inappropriately dressed girls and women; The Children's Barnyard with baby animals.  This year there was a miniature donkey named Annie!  And of course all the lights, music, rides, and exhibits. We haven't missed a Fair in 25 years and hope to keep up the streak. I forgot how easy it is to change a room with paint.  We put two coats of primer over the blue/gray/black stripe Nick had painted his room at the rental house.  Then a final coat of eggshell finish paint and it looked all brand new--and boring white!  The rental agent's remark on seeing a bright blue wall in the garage: "It makes the garage look short".  What?  So we peeled the gloss paint off like skin of

Design Wall Monday--8/16/10

A BIG BLANK I got nothin'--my design wall was taken down and folded up during the big move-back this weekend.  Nick has returned, along with his stuff.  Thank goodness he doesn't have much more than when he left three years ago!  However, there was a lot more furniture shuffle here as well as painting and cleaning at his rental. We are all tired of moving!  So instead, enjoy some photos from the Ventura County Fair: A very exciting event--Grant's band playing at the Fair! They played two shows sandwiching a hypnotist. I only got two shots of the performance before my camera battery died and the other is not worth uploading!  You can just see the drummer in the background, whose wife is a professional photographer and got a lot better shots than I did.  The band sounded great and despite freezing in the seats because of the wind and low 50's temps, a good time was had by all.  I, uh, mostly used my camera's battery power to take pics of quilts before the band'

Go see Karen

Karen of Sew Many Ways is a lucky woman!  She got an Accuquilt GO cutter and is giving away one here .  Check out her tutorials coming up tomorrow for her many cute ideas.  The candy corns are yummy! 

Sewing Room Shuffle

I took Wednesday off work to do the sewing room shuffle with Grant, Nick, and of course, Russell the dog, who had to be in the middle of everything and finally got banned to the backyard for a while. Finally got the last of these bins in the drawers and all the fat quarters sorted by color. My sewing room was not roomy to begin with... Hoosier cabinet--my central workplace for cutting and lots of storage--here in the middle of the fabric folding episode! This dresser is stuffed, absolutely full, of my quilting fabric.  The dresser has yet to be relocated but that has to happen TODAY, as once Nick gets his bed in, there will be no room to get the dresser out. My half of our former family room.... ...and Grant's half.  Oh, lordy, how are we gonna share this again?  I had a lot of exercise after this photo was taken, making about 50 trips up and down the stairs to bring down all my stuff.  Nothing like moving to make you realize how many unfinished projects you have--OMG!  Also,

Tuesday's Orts

This is the second edition of my new feature, wherein I list some of the little things that accumulate in my head!  I love seeing The Boy so often!  Nick's been around a lot since he is getting ready to move back in very soon.  I didn't realize how much I was missing him--he didn't come around much the past year and especially since he got a steady girlfriend about six months ago.  Also I enjoy a personal concert.  My husband Grant's band is practicing downstairs for an upcoming gig at the Ventura County Fair this Friday night (Backtrack: Seabreeze Stage, 8 and 10 PM).  So far I have heard "Rock and Roll Fantasy", "American Band", "Born on the Bayou", and "Summer of 69".  They sound great as usual! On the subject of the fair, Job #2's location is within a quarter mile from the fairgrounds, which charges $10 to park there.  Naturally all the nearby street spots are coveted to avoid that fee.  Tomorrow is another "Dollar

Design Wall Monday--8/9/10

Did you all notice the once-in-a-century date today?  Pretty cool birthdate that would be.  But I digress, it is actually Design Wall Monday.  It's already Tuesday in a bunch of places but due to circumstances beyond my control, I could not post until tonight.  I managed only this much progress on Erica's quilt in a week!  There are two other strip sets cut and ready to be sewn but it has been chaos around here trying to get ready for our son to move back in--which means emptying the sewing room.  I hope all you other ladies had a much better rate of progress than I did!  See all the other Design Walls here on Judy's blog . 

Russell the Rug Molester

This is Russell, our 10 year old Aussie (with Scully the Grandpuppy barking at him). This is my Grandma's rag rug.   It came to me last year after she died and her things were displayed for any family member to take what meant something to them. I remember seeing it next to her bed on the hardwood floor for many years. It is very thick and cushy and great for standing on while ironing or cutting. It looks like this after Russell has been at it--he sleeps by the door to the sewing room (soon to again be Nick's room, sob!).  And this is what I must remember to do every night to prevent molestation. Oh, pets!