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I quit

Today I quit one of my three jobs.  Well, I sort of quit, since I passed the job on to DD Erica and will have to work now and again for her depending on her school/her job #1's I guess my tally is about 2.25 jobs!  It will be such a relief to be able to actually stay at work once I leave my house for Job #2 and hopefully the 80 projects I am behind in completing at Dr. P's will get a better chance of getting finished. Today the new receptionist started work and because I was sick and didn't work on Wednesday last week when I would have been getting together an orientation packet, I was scrambling and stumbling to get the information to her in a somewhat cohesive manner---Ha ha ha hee hee---hooo!  Luckily she is a low key girl and not easily ruffled by chaos, having worked in an Urgent Care for the past year or so.  Sigh.  I am a good teacher but wish I had been better prepared.  Oh well!

Australia Travelogue, Part III

Okay, so to catch up, I left Friday night 11/13, arrived Sunday noon in Cairns, and on Monday 11/16 Sue took me to see the sights in Port Douglas (Australia Travelogue Part II) and then we headed to Cairns to go to a quilt shop and do some other shopping errands Susie needed to do.  Our first stop was Button Tree Quilts , a small shop in a strip mall.  It was odd to see so many bolts of fabrics that were familiar and I was a bit distracted by the American Primitive quilts on the walls--in tropical paradise they seemed a bit out of place!  But, to each quilter their own.  We had a look around and then I found what I was really after: some Australian fabrics. I bought a metre of the yardage on the left and gathered these fat quarters that sort of went with each other.  I had no idea in mind yet, just wanted some fabrics for remembrance of my trip.   We chatted with the owner for a few minutes, who said her shop was for sale and she planned to retire after that.  She told us of another

A little sewing

By the day after Thanksgiving I felt well enough to sit up for a few hours at my machine and knock out these swap blocks, which I have to get in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday!  I belong to an online Yahoo group for quilting called Quiltbuddies.  Each year we do a block swap for our anniversary.  This year it was my suggestion that we do houses and, as Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville used to be in this group many years ago before I joined, it seemed appropriate to suggest her pattern Happy Scrappy Houses .   The swap numbers shrank as time went on and I only had to make 11.  I've been using Bonnie's scrap users system for organizing my scraps so a lot of these pieces came straight out of my 2" strip bin.  Here are my Happy Scrappy Houses: A favorite: ...and another favorite. My suggestion was that whatever house swappers made, we leave the sashing and setting to the individual.  So these can be wonky like Bonnie's, straight set, surrounding a medallion town square

I am a grandma

But not to a human baby, not yet!  I'd like to be a mother in law first, thank you very much.  Elaine and Chris got a puppy, a Boston terrier.  He's pretty cute (who can resist a puppy?).  Ignore the weird thing his eye is doing in his sleep. His parents are big L.A. Dodger fans so his name is Scully, after the beloved announcer Vin Scully, of what--40 years?  Chris wanted to name him Doc, so his official name is Dr. Scully Longfellow.  He went to Thanksgiving dinner with Elaine and was reportedly very well behaved despite the many new people and my nephew Matt showing up with three live ducklings!  So, now I am a Grandma, with a grand-dog.  Hmm.

Australia Travelogue, Part II

Another hot and sunny day in paradise!  I checked out Mr. Frog's global positioning in the papyrus on the pond.  He was a big one! Susie took me on a tour of Port Douglas where I got pics from the highest point.  This is the famous "Four Mile Beach" below.  Note the safe swimming area cordoned off on the lower left of the photo--"stingers" are populous during November to about March so it is necessary to either wear full length stinger suits or swim in protected areas only. And a distance shot of the glorious day!   Then we strolled with Susie's dog Jonesy in Anzac Park--site of many weddings, with about a 300 degree view of water at the point, and a beautiful little white church.  This large banyan tree gave deep shade on a hot day! These blue-headed Lorikeets were eating a fallen mango. Susie did not know the name of this gorgeous tree but I thought it might be a Coral Tree.  Any other guesses? This charter was heading ou

Sick! (and grateful)

This travelogue is being interrupted by a nasty virus that is making me feel like I am underwater as I cannot hear and moving around makes me feel woozy.  As a bonus--I sound like a man when I do try to talk.  It kept me from work today and will keep me from Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at my parents' house.  My dad especially loathes having sick people spread their germs to him by coming over in that condition, so he said they will fix me a plate to take home!  Plus I'm sure my brother, his wife and their six children do not need another illness to run through their family, nor do the elderly parents of my SIL who are visiting from Romania and coming with my BIL and SIL.  Maybe sitting at my sewing machine will be possible tomorrow, don't know yet...I'll be back soon, though.  Thanks for the comments made on my "story thus far"! May you all have a pleasant Thanksgiving, wherever in the world you are, and note your blessings not just tomorrow, but every day.

Australia Trip 2009

[*Edited to add start of trip was 11/13/09 ]  My trip to OZ began in Santa Barbara with a quick flight to LAX; rather than fight Friday night traffic, Grant opted to pay up and save himself a four hour round trip.  I got off the little plane after only 25 minutes and gathered my luggage to head to the connecting flight--which I thought was at the International Terminal.  It wasn't.  After 10 minutes of wandering around I asked an airport worker who directed me to the next terminal.  Luckily all terminals are within easy walking distance at LAX.  After a wait in line, I stepped up to the counter and presented my passport.  After beginning the check in and returning my passport, the clerk asked me if I had a visa.  "A what?", I asked.  She told me I needed a visa to get into Australia, which I did not know.  "No, no one told me I needed one", I said, turning red and getting scared.  "That's okay, I can sell you one for $25", the clerk told me.  At my

Home from OZ

More about these stars later---just got home from OZ this afternoon about 4pm and am now feeling very very tired.  16 hours in airplanes is a long time but I'm safe and sound and have loads to share....but not tonight! 

Leaving on a Jet Plane

The big day has finally arrived and in a few hours I'll be starting the first of three flights to get me where I'm going-- PARADISE !  I plan to take lots of pics and will post as soon as I can.  My birthday is tomorrow but I am skipping it while I fly into the future and land in OZ on Sunday morning.  Not a bad trade....

Nearly there

Countdown to Australia is getting very low now, single digits.  Lists have been made, but only partially checked off. Sometimes having a deadline freezes me up!  I'm looking forward to having no timetable on my vacation and just "being in the moment" without a list running through my head of all the things that need doing.  It will be a wonderful break from my regular programming. My DD Erica will be my Administrative Assistant facsimile at Job#3 when I am in Australia and I've been training her the last few days.  It isn't a hard job but the doctor is a bit particular about some things--however he is always happy to answer questions and give more info or instruction, which is great.  He's also getting used to the idea that I may be quitting before long.  Three jobs is a lot and I want to pare down to just two again!  I'll increase my hours at Job #2 so won't lose any income--it will just be a lot easier to get things accomplished without having to r

Fear of clogging

No, I'm not talking about the dance, I'm talking about the inner ear. I've been 98% deaf in my left ear since I was under age 5. Sometime in my toddlerhood I had a serious viral infection and suffered nerve damage. Luckily it was after I learned to talk and I never had to "adapt" to losing my hearing: I can't remember ever being able to hear out of that ear. Tinnitus is also something I can't remember being without; surprisingly, I have it in both ears. Since I was I kid, however, having my ears clog up is my most troubling problem. There have been times when I fell asleep in the car as we drove up and down steep grades while coming back from my grandparents' house and it took days of swallowing, yawning, chewing gum, etc, to get my ears to open up again. The Valsalva maneuver is my friend because my ears will clog up if I go down a freeway off ramp! Sometimes even eating ice cream can make my ears clog up. It is really ridiculous. I may have