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Design Wall Monday--10/31/16 Happy Halloween

Design Wall Monday again.  Well, another week passed quickly, with not too much time in the sewing room.  However, some of it was spent with my grown niece, Emma, making Thomas.  The photo is a bit overexposed, but you can tell what a sophisticated turkey he is.  Emma picked through my precut scraps and we pulled larger pieces and fat quarters for more choices.  Though I gave away the pattern for this mini quilt a few years ago, I had the one I made for  myself to go by.  Emma enjoyed using the Accuquilt GO cutter to chop up the scraps to the 2.5 width, then we crosscut them with the cutter for squares.  It was a fun couple of hours.  Thomas now has a pieced backing and I'll get the quilting done soon and have Emma choose her binding fabric.  See more Design Walls on Judy's Patchwork Times.     I kept the GO cutter out to lower the volume of this scrap bin.   So great to get a new pile of light scraps in the 2.5" precut drawer.  

Design Wall Monday 10/24/16

On my design surface is the Starcrossed quilt (pattern by Corey Yoder in APQ mag April 2016) I've been working on for DD Erica.    All the pieces are now cut for the two different blocks I'm making, 10 of each, and subsections ready to go. The plum print on the lower left is a shot cotton in plum and black with a gold ginkgo print.  Unfortunately I don't recall the maker, and my local fabric store doesn't have point-of-sale info on their receipts.  Next trip I'll check the bolt! Photographing purples is sure a challenge, especially at night!  The leaves are not large but the spray is so pretty.  I love ginkgo trees and leaves, and we have quite a few in our neighborhood.  This closeup shows the shot cotton base in the 4.5" square I cut for a feature block.  Unpicking of the inner corner chain was necessary to add the ginkgo print for this cross block; it is kind of a signature thing I often do, one block different as the "heart" of  m

Design Wall Monday

On my design surface today is a new project, since UFOs closed up in boxes can't speak! This is the first block for a couch quilt for DD Erica.  She wanted something simple to go with a gorgeous Persian rug.  I used my GO! Cutter and 2.5" strip die a lot for this project.   For the cross blocks, I pulled from stash this gorgeous hand-dyed yard of fabric I have been hoarding.  This is a Ricky Tims fabric purchased at one of his seminars I went to with my sister in 2006--so it is well aged and I'm happy to have it stay in the family, lol.      Erica liked this quilt by Corey Yoder from the April 2016 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, but she wanted it to be less busy.  I modified the star block to a simple chain for the alternate block. The green is a Dimples fabric DD Erica chose.  Backing and binding fabric is a gorgeous plum with a printed spray of ginkgo leaves in gold--I don't have a pic of that ye

Speeding By

Time is the thing that is speeding by--here it is already mid October.  Glad this is a long month!   I waited until the first day of Fall before setting out any decorations.  These pumpkins made from an APQ magazine pattern so many years ago still make me happy.  I love decorating this shelf at the end of my kitchen cupboard as I have no wall space at all.  I ran right out when the Pioneer Woman's new line debuted recently to get the measuring cup set, though I see by the reviews I just looked up that I may have gotten gypped out of the measuring bowls supposedly included in a set.  Hmm, will have to check my receipt. Finished piecing the Geese quilt top a couple of weeks ago.  I'd like to use stash for the backing and am pondering a quilting plan.  I adore how Rita of Red Pepper Quilts always does a lot of ditch stitching and I'm thinking that would be a good way to go.  Our guild is working on charity quilts and I am making up a couple of kits of hounds