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Design Wall Monday

There was very little sewing being done the last little while, so my design surface has been empty.  My sewing room had become completely unworkable with stuff piled everywhere. But having cleared out the whole room for the large crowd we hosted for Thanksgiving dinner, a fresh start was afforded once again!  I spent a lovely couple of hours on my High Cotton quilt (Kim Diehl, Simple Comforts book).  After counting up all the colors already made, I decided to add more green blocks.  No surprise there, as green is my favorite color :) These Civil War prints were the the last hoarded fat eighths from a set I bought years ago, I think at the International Quilt Festival when it was in Cincinnati.  I now need 13 more pieced blocks to match the 63 the pattern requires.  The quilt dimensions are a little shorter than I like, so I may add another row once I get the top laid out. Then I worked on a Guild charity quilt.  I picked up the kit with completed top, backing, and batting a c

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap Up

 One last autumn photo before the Christmas onslaught! Pumpkin Field, photo by Donald Jahadamy It was a wonderful, crazy, packed and loud Thanksgiving feast.  We ended up feeding a total of 28 at dinnertime, and had an additional 13 people stop by (two more ate!).  It was too cold to eat on the patio so we all crammed into the house.  Thank goodness I took a day off work for clearing out my sewing room.  It was restaged with a table for 7, a seating area, all the dishware on my sewing desks, and the desserts on the pull out table of the Hoosier.  The remaining 21 were at three tables in the living room, including three visitors from Perth, Australia, a family friend and his two teen-aged boys. The boys are are experiencing their first visit to the US--I'm sure Thanksgiving was an experience they'll remember!  There was enough food, even though I later discovered I forgot to open the olive cans and the vegetables served were pretty light as only one bag of french beans go

Erasing the 80's

I've been busy working, but no sewing or blogging seems to be happening, unfortunately.  This past weekend my daughter Erica and I took on a project I've been longing to do for some time--erasing the 80's fake "aged" brick fireplace.  Of course this ended up being one of the hottest weekends ever in November, but we pressed on. Having done many painting projects, we are well aware that prep takes five times as long as the fun painting part.  There was a lot of cleaning, wire brushing, vacuuming, soot removal, and washing. We let the brick dry overnight, then Erica did all the taping.  She did a really good job and we commenced with brushes and rollers.  First coat went on fairly quickly and we let it dry for about 3-4 hours.   Second coat made the transformation even better.  There was some touch up after a few more hours, including wiping off some of her cat Lucy's dusty fireplace exploration paw prints, but by Sunday night the 80's were gone f

Tuesday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--bits and pieces of events and thoughts that land here occasionally. One of my two jobs had an office move, luckily while I was out of town, and things are slowly coming together.  Here's hoping the 90's reception room furniture will be gone soon, as it is killing the buzz in the newly painted and carpeted space.   Traffic Rant :  For heaven's sake, pull all the way forward into the parking space, especially if you have a big ass vehicle and are parking in a tiny lot--other people would like to get by.  Sheesh! Despite the incredible disaster area my sewing room currently is, I have been sewing.  After carefully measuring and cutting, the first of two outer borders went on to the Bullseye quilt for my brother.  I did have to ease the borders a bit, but it worked out.  Then the second outer border side sections went on.  I laid out the remaining border pieces over the quilt top and cut them to length.  Only then did I notice I had cut duplicates of the