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Design Wall Monday

Work on the memory quilt for my sister in law has progressed to the layout stage. Yesterday morning I squeezed most of the 96 sewn blocks into the small floor space of my sewing room. I'd decided to choose the last three block  shirt colors after layout. If you notice, I have a sort of plaid effect going with same print rows. I may add one more.  My process was interrupted by a delightful invite from DD Erica to drive up to Santa Barbara and shop on State Street. We spent a few hours at that, had lunch and enjoyed the coastal views on the drive.  See more design walls on Judy's Patchwork Times . 

Memory Quilt

I'm finished cutting for a memory quilt and am enjoying piecing these simple blocks.  The center fabrics were cut from my brother-in-law Jan's shirts. I chose a mix of ocean and sailing prints and graphic stripes and checks with his wife, last year after he passed away from cancer.  The shirts were cut into 3.5x6.5 bricks and some 2.5" binding strips, and I'll use some larger sections, possibly including pockets, for the backing. Sashing strips are 2x6.5" for a 6" finished block.  My goal is to have the quilt done by Mother's Day, when my sister-in-law will be here for our annual brunch. I'd be pleased to have her use the quilt while spending time on Jan's beloved sailboat, where they shared many happy hours. 

A Post for April

Uninspired title, but things have been busy around here.  The modern quiilt guild I am a member of is putting together an Opportunity quilt to use as a fundraiser.  Two members came up with the idea of making sawtooth star blocks and picked two background solid colors and one focus fabric to be used.  Members were allowed to add additional solid colors as they chose.  The wide variety of stars was amazing--and inspiring.  Three of us met recently to begin to assemble the top after the layout and rearranging had been done at a sew-in last month.  Sarah, who works at a construction company and uses AutoCad, worked on her lunch hours to figure the exact sashing measurements for each piece, then printed out large scale photos of the layout with letter-number markings.  She then cut all the sashing and labeled the pieces from her layout.  Amazing!  I sewed up a bunch of extra stars for some gaps and brought them to the sewing session and Sarah quickly figured out the sashing for those block