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Design Wall Monday

Man, it's been a busy month already!  But I do have some sewing to share again. First up, the UFO challenge project I selected from my many UFOs to finish for guild.  This started with a monthly challenge of fluorescent color.  The orange is surely bright but not really fluorescent, but I really like the way its turning out.   This is Metro Twist, from Sew Kind of Wonderful and the Quick Curve Ruler. It takes a bit of rewiring your brain every time you play with the ruler, but it isn't hard.  I cut a bunch of parts for the blocks.  I found that I did not have enough of the orange for the pictured quilt, but decided I must have planned to make a wall hanging for just that reason.  Notes, people!  Make notes! Also for guild, we are making dog and cat beds for a rescue organization.  Good thing most animals are colorblind because these are made of totally random fabrics!  They are about 16x20" finished.  The rescue place was recently flooded out and will be grat

Continuing Timber Tale

The Timber Quilt (Alison Glass pattern), now several months past due for a wedded couple, remains in pieces, but much bigger pieces! There were four of the narrow angled strip sections, two of which were mirror image.  After constantly realigning the first group on my cutting mat, I finally got smart and used a visual aid.  Ah, much easier!  The finished size of the section was the outer limit of the tape, so it was easier to see where the strips were to go.  The layout was complicated by this being a rectangle rather than a square.  There are a couple of squidgy areas I will have to be careful to enclose in the seam allowance so as not to leave a hole.  Here are the completed four corner sections laid out with the center section.  Next, neutral colored sashing will be added along with outer borders in Silver Kona.  I'm making the quilt a little bigger than the pattern calls for, but not as big as the optional 15" border.  So some MATH will be required.  There

2015 and Christmas Wrap Up

Happy New Year! As per usual, I'm a little late to the Wrap Up game.  2015 was a very busy year in both work and personal life hours and it sure contributed to less sewing/quilting/stitching.  I did not make many large quilts but there were a lot of smaller projects completed. On the whole, there were a lot of things I kept or finished for myself--I know, right?  I also made a TeePee for my grandson's first birthday.  He loves it. There were also a lot of starts and stops on multiple projects, not shown here!  My final finish of the year is the little tree runner, which I gave to my new friend and manicurist.     These improv trees were left over from last year's guild challenge where I picked two crayons (mine were old gold and green) .  I sashed them with this pinecone print.    I had fun doing some straight line quilting with a little detail within the trees.   Christmas was hectic, in that DH's 96 year old mother was taken to the ER by