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Random Rant on Pinterest

On Pinterest, for fun I like to look at home building plans, in addition to my usual perusal of quilts, embroidery, funny stuff, cat gifs, gardens I will never plant, and recipes I will never make.  (Not my bathroom)   Half of the plans I dismiss nearly instantly based on a few very personal biases:  1) My #1 instant dislike of a house plan is if the kitchen sink is visible from the front door.  Kitchens are messy and I wouldn't want my guests--or other visitors--to see mine.  Similarly, I don't want to look into a bathroom from the front door either.  Yuck. 2) Huge foyers with no coat closet.  Another mystery.  I guess that's the reason for all the Pins of entryway storage build-outs. 3) Bathrooms without windows.  I don't care how big the fan is in the ceiling, it never completely dries out, which equals mold. Not to mention odors.  Well, there I did mention odors after all. 4) Dining rooms in the front of the house, completely separated from the kitc

Timber Quilt Finish

Lots of folks are listing their finished quilts for the year--I came up with a minimum of 9 finished quilts for 2016, but in searching my blog to make the list, realized I never showed my finished version of the Timber Quilt.  It was completed in April and hand delivered to the recipients by the parents of the bride, soon afterwards. Timber is a pattern by designer Alison Glass .  I started it as a wedding gift prior to the couple's wedding in October 2015, but obviously it didn't get done in time.  The pattern, though complex, was dead on with measurements and all of my sections came together easily.  I sneaked in two red geese to symbolize the "heart" of the quilt, something of a trademark for me. I ended up making the lap sized version of the pattern.  I quilted it with a walking foot, copying the cover quilting which had mirror image spacing of the lines from the center.  For the backing I found this brownish print.  My daughter asked me why I chose i

Slow Sunday Stitching

Kathy of Kathy's Quilts hosts a slow stitching linkup every Sunday.  This week she invited stitchers to post Christmas or holiday stitchery.  I have a lot of those but will share just a few.  These guest towels I cross-stitched many years ago and I  pull them out yearly to hang in the half-bathroom.  I'm pretty sure no one has ever used one, lol.  These bear stitcheries were probably Bucilla kits that I bought in 1985--I finished them in 1986 so had to change the date of the pre-printed cloth :).   The beading and the fancy white stitch around the holly leaf ring were definite challenges, but fun to try out. I don't recall any beaded projects after these, however! I love to bring them out each year and remember our early Christmases. Son Nick would have been one year old in 1986. I do love to decorate for the season, although limit it to the downstairs and stair railings.  The bamboo shelf in the 1/2 bath gets Christmasy too.  I love these winter dresse

Christmas Present

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to one and all!   We had our own family celebration Christmas Eve with our kids, son in law, and those adorable grandsons.   Daughters Erica and Elaine with Hunter.  I did not get a good photo of our son in law so spared him the one bad shot I was able to get!  Last year it was Cove in a Giant Gift Bag, this year Hunter took a turn.  He is a crawling machine and headed straight for the tree every chance he got.  He's waving bye bye and pulling up to stand everywhere, chattering away.  Poor kids have been sick for over two weeks and their sleeping schedule has been terribly disrupted, which has been very hard on their parents.  A little blurry, but happy Papa and Mimi with Cove 2 yrs 10 mos and Hunter 10 mos. Their birthday will be coming up before we know it.   The tree before all the packages were crowded round.  Cove looking at a photo of the big truck Uncle Nick drives at work.  Word has it that Santa brought Cove a chainsaw

UFO Challenge 2017

Years ago I participated in Judy's UFO Challenge, whereby a list is made of 12 unfinished projects and she randomly picks a number each month to be worked on.  I have no shortage of UFOs of all types, some of which never made it off the list since the last challenge years ago!  So I have gathered my list and am looking forward to being intimate with fabric and thread and plans.  Here they are, in no particular order.  1.  80s Star Medallion rescue:  This star was pieced by my former boss's now former spouse, probably back in the late 80s; he gave it to me with a lot of other discarded sewing stuff some years ago. I cut off wide expanses of the blue print and added the pieced borders and haven't touched it since April 2015.  It needs backing, quilting, and binding.  However, I don't think I'll give it back to the former spouse--maybe I'll donate it to QOV.! 2.  Sue Goes to the Orient Wallhanging: Poor Sue has been waiting for an outfit for the pa

Design Wall Monday--Dec 12

Good to have something to show for Design Wall Monday again.   Sewing has taken a back seat to reorganizing the house post-Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas, but today I sewed for the first time in a week.  First order of the day was a gift for our annual holiday guild party exchange.  I knew I wanted to make a Snap Happy Bag but wasn't sure what I was going to make it from.  I spied a set of precut strips that was a freebie at Quilt Con and paired them up with some solid gray.  Simple walking foot quilting with a bright thread.  The color is off, against that green of the mat, but it's a nice mid gray Kona.  The lining folds over the front of the bag to become the casing for the steel tape that gives the Snap Bag its name.  I did manage to insert the section of steel tape measure backwards on one side, necessitating unpicking an already backstitched and zigzag finished seam, grr, but that was quickly fixed.  The Prairie point tabs on each side are u