Monday, March 27, 2017

Design Wall Monday--UFO #5 again

The last DWM of March is here already.  On my design floor is the same thing all month--my UFO Challenge pick #5, Metro Twist.  All the block piecing was completed a couple of days ago, and today I sewed all the rows together.  There was a lot of seam matching and curved edges to pair up.  It is not perfect, but looks just fine.  I then set about adding more of the Kona Silver to make the Twist blocks float and ran into this:

Dye lot difference that was too noticeable to remain--naturally I didn't notice until after I'd added two sides (cough).  Luckily I found the remainder of yardage from the lighter batch in the Solids bin.  

Much better!  My goal was to make the top about 45" square, a nice size baby quilt.  Next, a back was cobbled together out of a bunch of leftovers and some additions from the fat quarter dresser. 

I feel like I sewed all day to get to this point--which I practically did--but wanted to have the top and back all ready to spray baste after work tomorrow.  I'm thinking simple channel quilting in gray thread. I'll use more of the Kona Silver for the binding to keep the front minimal and modern looking.  See more Design Walls on Judy's Patchwork Times

My week is pretty light except for a Chinese ballet show outing with my mom, sister, daughter and niece one night, and a funeral on Friday.  It is sad when your parents' friends of 40-50 years begin to go.  We just attended another funeral last Friday for a dear family friend.  Meanwhile, my 98 year old mother in law is getting some hospice assistance, which should give her more attention and hopefully prevent any more ER visits from falls.  She's still quite mobile and talkative, but things do happen to old people in Memory Care. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Design Wall Monday--UFO #5 Progress

On my design floor is the #5 pick of the month for the UFO 2017 Challenge.  After struggling with MATH when I found there was not enough background material to do what I wanted, I pressed on with my new layout design and got many more Metro Twist pieces made (Pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful, with the Quick Curve Ruler). 
Additional prints were added to the mix in the same colors.  For my 3x3 layout, I had just barely enough of the orange solid background.  After completely confusing myself with one go at laying out all the completed and half-done parts, I pulled them all back up and started over, separating the rows.  Finally I was able to work out what additional prints and parts were necessary and get them all cut and pieced.

I used Kona Silver for the outer edge and am considering insetting the whole thing into a larger Silver background negative space.  It would be appropriate, since this whole project started with my modern quilt guild's challenge to use a neon color.  There are only 12 days left of the month and I aimed for a completed quilt for this project pick. While this project is not large, the blocks are about 11" when completely sewn--I have that yet to do! Sketching and MATH are in my future.  See more design walls on Judy's Patchwork Times

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

Keeping needle and thread handy at the dining room table means I took a few stitches multiple days during my lunch break.  Today I completed the "stamp" edge outline during some Slow Sunday Stitching.  This Lizzie Kate cross-stitch's details are filling in--now there are birdie feet and a tree branch added today too. 

This week's lunch stitching should complete this little project as the leaf and birdie details won't take long, and after I add the month name in the bottom the fill-in will be fairly mindless.  I'll try not to jump ahead in thinking of What To Stitch Next, though I have in mind to make a black-work monogram initial for my younger grandson's Hunter's room. His older brother Cove has this Fox that I stitched for his room when he was born:

Hunter, who turned one several weeks ago, is now taking a few steps.  I visited those precious boys on Friday and Hunter took a bunch of steps to get to me--his Mama said it was the best he had walked yet!  Loved that.  Then we all played in the backyard for awhile and I chased Cove around, and hefted Hunter on the slide and swing.  My arms sure were sore later.  Here's Hunter ready for the beach on a recent warm day.

Linking up with Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

March UFO Update 'n Stuff

The month is half over and I've not gotten very far with my project #5 from Judy's UFO challenge over at Patchwork Times. There was some MATH that needed to be figured out since I don't have any more of the background fabric but wanted to maximize all I had.  My poor brain was all twisted, like the Metro Twist blocks I'm making.  I sketched and erased, added and subtracted, counted and recounted.  Finally I resorted to laying out all the pieces I've sewn so far. 

Well someone's big fluffy duff is covering up a lot of the layout!

That's better!  The plan for this small wall quilt is a 3x3 setting of the Metro Twist Blocks.  I have enough orange background to complete the remaining 20+ sections I have sketched out.  For the left and right edges I will add a different background, probably a solid light gray, but that's to be decided once I have all the orange sections done.  I've got many more prints to throw into this color mix, and a bit of green because it's my favorite color.  Green and white have been under my needle a lot lately making the some of the Modern Quilt Guild's December Block of the Month, the ModZ Block. 

The pattern downloads are only available to MQG members.  I liked this one a lot because of the oversized simple to piece shapes--it makes a 12.5" block.
When pressing the Tri-Recs blocks, I found myself saying a mnemonic to help me with neatly pressing to one side: Toward on Top.  I lay the block I'm pressing with the side that I will pressing TOWARD on TOP.  In this case I wanted to press toward the white triangle so it is on top.  (Sometimes I don't listen and have to do it over :)

 It's a fun block to move around into different layouts.

I couldn't bring myself to donate them to our Guild philanthropy table this month but am sure I'll be making more of the MQG blocks.

Meanwhile, cross-stitching is also progressing on the Lizzie Kate May Stamp project.

I have been adding some stitches during my lunch hour and am really enjoying that.  I've nearly completed the outline and can't wait to stitch the cute birdies next to the birdhouse.  There are a whole series of Lizzie Kate month stamps and I may just have to order a few...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday's Orts--March version

Tuesday's Orts--bits and pieces of thoughts and events that land here occasionally.
  • Our family recently wrapped up four straight weeks of birthdays for five people.  Oh, and our wedding anniversary was in there too. Whew, that was a lot of eating!
  • In our medical office my least favorite patient is a WALK IN.  Especially when they ask for five or six things other than the "emergency" reason they thought couldn't wait for an appointment.  Grrrr!
  • Does this happen to anyone else?  All my shoes seem to have worn out at once. And I can't find new ones I like.
  • Traffic Rant:  I approached a four way stop in a neighborhood recently only to sit there dumbfounded when a large pickup truck's driver blew through it at a high rate of speed from the opposite direction,  not even looking at all.  Scary!  
  • Perusing the Help Wanted ads in the newspaper today, I came across the job title "Open Area Technician" for the Parks and Recreation department.  I can't decide if that means picking up trash or policing picnickers.  
  • I love the Reader View for websites, don't you?  I can barely wait for the web page to load enough so I can hit that option.
  • Saint Patrick's Day is almost here and I dressed up my living room for the occasion--actually I did it last week when I hosted Bunco.  
Well, they have bunnies in Ireland, surely?  I couldn't resist this adorably alert carrot-packing guy at Michael's.  He was ridiculously overpriced but I had a coupon.  He'll hang around through Easter.

Here's a more traditional display on the lawyer's bookcase.  The Oxalis stand-in for shamrocks was also overpriced but I wanted something live.  Not that my black thumb will mean it lasts very long.  I pieced the shamrock mini quilt some years ago and still love it.

A closer look at a very old family picture.  This is my paternal great-grandfather Logan, on the left, and his fraternal twin brother Grant, in their Irish tartans and sporrans.  My dad has a fraternal twin too and there is a photo of them as infants being held by their twin grandfather and great uncle that I want to get a copy of and enlarge, so special.  The twins and their three brothers were all named after  Civil War Union Generals--I had an Uncle Sherman too!