Wednesday, May 22, 2019

More Sewing

After our busy family weekend with the newlyweds' celebrations--to be detailed in a separate post--I got back to the sewing room to play with pieces and parts for more Chunky Churn Dash blocks for my Dad's quilt (free Pattern by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville).

I'm having so much fun with all my scraps and rail sets.  Shirtings, dots, plaids, traditional and brights all play together. 

This one had to have repeat surgery--I sewed the top row on upside-down not once but twice!

I like to sew them up in batches of six blocks, makes it easy to lay them out on the cutting mat and not have to spend too much time sitting to sew or standing to iron. I'm probably going to use blue and cream for the hourglass alternate blocks--my Dad likes blue. Bonnie's design calls for 60 Churn Dash blocks, 61 alternate hourglass blocks, and she has three borders to make the quilt finish just under 80" square.  I may just add more blocks and eliminate the two narrow borders.

The rain was falling to the northeast and there was some thunder and a few drops of rain this afternoon.  I took this photo after lunch hour. 

The leading edge sure made the sky beyond so blue. While we worried that rain would spoil the wedding reception, the terrible weather predictions for other parts of the country soon played out.   My sympathies to all those who have been flooded or had tornado strike damagest, the pictures on the news are devastating. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Chunky Churn Dash

I previously posted about my Dad needing a replacement for the Turning Twenty Quilt I made him in 2007 HERE.  I'm just getting around to sewing up pieces and parts I've since collected and cut for the Chunky Churn Dash quilt (free pattern by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville).  This is my favorite kind of quiltmaking--piecing, sewing, cutting, and more sewing :)

The stacks on the left are the four rail pieced and cut sections--all made from scraps and stash from 1.5" strips.  I cut a bunch of 2.5" neutral center squares and some colored center squares for variety--as well as sets of 4  2.5" print squares for the corners of the churn dash blocks. 

I played with a few block layouts before heading to work this afternoon.  It will be fun to mix and match as I go.  There are lots more 2.5" squares to pull for the number of blocks I plan to make.  Today when I was at my parents' house, I told my Dad that I was making him a new quilt and he was very happy.  He said, "I miss my old quilt", and I asked what happened to it, and he said he didn't know where it was.     Mom and I went on a search and it turned up on the guest bed under the down comforter.  Although a bit threadbare, it was still functional.  I have a feeling he will steal it back to use until I get the new one made!

Meanwhile, final preparations are being made for the wedding reception this weekend for our son Nick and his bride, Ashley, who exchanged rings in a private ceremony performed by my brother last Sunday.  We are all crossing our fingers that the rain and cold wind now predicted will be much less forceful when the day arrives.  The couple and I went shopping at Superbuzzy for fabric for their quilt and I've ordered the Jen Kingwell pattern, Dreamweaver (designed by Michelle McKillop).  It's an advanced pattern with a pieced background and a medallion and streamers appliqued on top.  I'm excited to get started on that one too.  Never a dull moment around here!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Time Flies

Didn't mean to lag between posts so long, but time is flying by fast.  I have been doing  little bit of sewing--a very little bit.  My sister returned the Falling Charms quilt and I got the binding made but not yet attached. 

She free-motioned the swirls on her longarm, but said it took her two hours to get the longarm working well after it had been sitting idle for over a month.  The binding is an old Concord Fabrics print from stash--I have no recollection of when or where I acquired it. 

The colors go very well with the charms in the quilt.  I'm hoping to give this to the intended recipients this weekend at our annual Mother's Day brunch.   

Our son Nick's wedding is rapidly approaching and there are things to do.  I was tasked with pulling photos for a display at the reception--Oh what a rabbit hole that is, getting out boxes of pictures!  It was easy to find solo pics of Nick as a baby, but much harder in the later years.  We took annual Christmas photos for many years and there are lots of those, and of other family gatherings, but not so many of just him, particularly as a teen.

I'm going to guess this photo of a bunch of cousins was taken on Mother's Day 1998, based on the youngest baby in the picture, our niece Emma, who is being held by Nick on the far left.  The darling blondie girl on the far right is getting married this year too, niece Anya.

A few years later the house had changed color but Denis, our dear departed orange and white cat, still favored the porch.  The yellow coreopsis flowers looking so lush here inspired me to buy a few to plant now.  The purple Mexican sage in the background was planted the year we moved in and it is still alive and flourishing. Daughter Erica looks like she has a bunny tail there where the sun is hitting her! Erica has been too busy to come over and play with her placemat fabrics we bought...

...but Erica's boyfriend Ryan had picked out a few fabrics in the sewing room for me to make him this coaster.  It is an easy 5" charm square project with only 5 charms needed.  A wine glass can be inserted in the center where the folded charms meet.

I used green on the back as its his favorite color too.  Meanwhile, future daughter-in-law and I have been messaging ideas for their quilt and plan to do some fabric shopping this weekend. Can't wait!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Design Wall Monday: Twilight Hopscotch finish

Its Design Wall Monday!  Off my design floor is the Twilight Hopscotch quilt.  I added a full row of blocks to Kim Diehl's original layout, requiring yet more cutting and sewing sewing sewing (interspersed with a bit of ripping, boo).  I'm happy to show the finished top today.  

The outer border design continues the chains, which I just love.  Fingers crossed that I have just enough of the star fabric to bind the quilt.  The pattern, from her Simple Comforts book, called for 8 strips of binding...I have 8 1/2 strips.  The top currently is roughly 62x80" so on paper it looks doable. 

Daughter Erica and I went dress shopping for her brother's upcoming wedding. The wide variety of sizes in dresses between manufacturers makes for quite a guessing game amid the racks.  The couple wants to wear light colors for picture taking, so that adds a focus for the search, though neither of us found a suitable option this outing.  Erica has asked me to make new placemats for some time, so we went into Joann's afterwards to look at fabric.  She fell in love with a precut roll's mauve print, to which we were unable to find a match in yardage.  Nor was there a single bolt of fabric with that exact color in it!

We bought two jelly rolls so she can at least have one or two strips in each placemat.  I looked through my fat quarters when I got home and found only ONE fabric in my stash that was complementary---the bottom one in the photo.  We did find a very nice dark purple print for the binding and backing.  The neverending list of things to make keeps my sewing room busy!  I'm not mad :)

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sewing Sewing Sewing

That's been the motto for the last little while--lots of piecing for the Twilight Hopscotch quilt (Kim Diehl pattern, Simple Comforts book).  Today I finished piecing the star/chain blocks into rows with the sashing and assembled all together.  

I'm so happy with how it is turning out, though this photo isn't the best.  I plan to add one more horizontal row of stars and sashing, so there is more cutting and piecing to do prior to adding the final border.  

Pressing directions in quilt patterns always get a big thumbs up from me--I appreciate someone else doing that tedious figuring job!

Late afternoon found us on the field.  T-ball season is winding down, only a half-dozen or so games left.  Grandson Cove appears to be levitating on 2nd base:

If Cove plays next year he will be in a different league due to their upcoming move a few miles away, but I doubt his antsy-pantsy ways will change!  

After the game we went out to eat with DD Elaine and the boys--Cove picked the restaurant: "Red Robbing Hood", lol, otherwise known as the Red Robin restaurant. He likes it because you can play games on an iPad at the tables.  The wait time to be seated, delay in getting menus, ordering and getting food meant we didn't finish eating until 8 pm.  Elaine texted later that the boys fell asleep on the way home and she just took off their jackets and shoes and put them in bed!  I remember doing that any number of times with small kids.