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Mixed Bag Continues

The mixed bag of goings-on continues here at the Orts compound.  I couldn't stand the state of my sewing room anymore and spent last weekend wading through piles, bins, boxes, and more piles.  There was folding and sorting and shoving and tossing. Many of the piles here, there, and everywhere were scraps that needed to be cut down.  I was ruthless in getting rid of scraps I never want to see again.  Do your scraps do that to you?  I was so sick of some of them! I shoved a bunch in a plastic bag and it will go to the charity shop; ones that were too thin, too stiff, or too small went into the trash.  I do not save strings, selvages, or anything smaller than 1.5" wide. The rest I cut to the sizes I had already set up: 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3.5".    They were sorted ROY G. BIV style and placed back in the drawers.  Larger scraps will be cut into 2.5 strips with my GO! cutter at a later date.  The eventual plan is to separate the precut squares from the strips f

Current State of Affairs

The current state of affairs around here is quite the mixed bag.  I feel behind on everything and the end of the year is rushing towards me at top speed.  A number of deadlines are looming. This is the current state of my sewing room.  It's amazing anything nice comes out of this disaster. Someday I hope to see the tabletop of the Hoosier cabinet again... On the cutting table currently are this batik table-runner, layers basted and binding cut, ready for quilting.  I've promised this to my dad.  His birthday was this week and I skipped the party due to catching a cold.  My dad never wants anyone who is sick to show up and possibly infect him.  Plus Cove was there and I didn't want to get him sick, either.  Today I'm home from work due to said cold.  These mug mats were made for the guild meeting--at the last minute, of course.  I had some tumblers precut and matched up some other scrappy leftovers to fashion the mug mats.  Simple stitch and turn and

Design Wall Monday--Oct 6, 2014

The continuing saga of the Winding Ways quilt is on my design surface today.  I started with the focus blocks to give me inspiration to keep working at all those curved seams. The only straight seam in the whole block is the 1/2" joining of the center bridge piece between the block halves!  Otherwise it is curve curve curve. I worked until late last night to complete all nine blocks that have the turquoise parts.  The rest of the blocks will be copper and cream. 9 completed, 81 to go! So far, so good.  Trying not to stress about imperfections in the block centers--that 1/2" wide bridge piece is darn fussy to get right.  I've resewn a couple of block centers but have been satisfied with them for the most part. Turns out I've used block parts as leader-enders so work on last week's design wall hasn't progressed.   And now, more baby spam!   Cove is standing in his crib--and everywhere else now.  Good thing he is short or he'd be out of