Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday's Orts

I'm thinking this may be a new feature, a place to round up all those scraps of thoughts or funny or annoying things that happen and float around in my head trying to get a spot in a post.  So, tonight's orts are:
  • Note to self: 45 seconds on high is really too long for two pieces of Canadian Bacon to be heated.  As in they exploded and it took 5 minutes to wipe all the bacon shards off the inside of the microwave. Next time, 12 seconds.
  • Never underestimate the power of sibling's idea of "fairness".  Case in point, 20 year old daughter Erica's instantaneous response to her father's notation that I am trying to get him to stop doing her laundry:  Her retort: "I think I should get as many years of my laundry being done as Elaine did".  Too funny, I had to laugh. But that means only six months left, ha ha.
  • Mall shopping on weekends should be avoided, especially if you turn into a C.O.W. (Crabby Old Woman) like I seem to.  Example: A baby is crying.  Crying, crying for 15 minutes in the stroller/cart.  Here's a solution: Pick The Baby Up! or better yet, Take The Baby Home! No one is enjoying this, least of all the infant/toddler who is hungry, tired, bored, uncomfortable or sick.  Also, please inform your rambunctious children that this is not a playground and running, chasing, and shouting is really not meant for retail establishments full of non-school aged people.  Thank you. 
  • Gratitude for good health: My 27 year old cousin collapsed a couple of days ago at a summer camp where he was a counselor and ended up in cardiac arrest!!  He was found to have pneumonia and both his lungs were filled with fluid.  He was revived after the Code Blue but today had to undergo surgery to remove all the fluid.  You might be surprised at how many people die from pneumonia.  So take care of yourselves people!  
  • Stuff expands:  But what is most curious is how it also migrates!  Every corner of my sewing room is now filled, as is the closet.  Which is unfortunate because in another 10 days I will be packing it all out.  Our son is moving back in with us for financial reasons.  I am sad to have to give up my sewing room (sob!) but it will be temporary and Grant and I will go back to sharing our former family room downstairs, so I will still be quilting, just not ensconced in a lovely separate room (boo hoo!).
  • Finally, another note to self:  Just because you wrote it down on a list does not mean you have done it.  It's not crossed off yet, see?  It's still there, waiting to be finished.  So get to it, self, sheesh!  


Joyful Quilter said...

Boogers! Are you sure about the list?

Hope your cousin is doing better.

Lorraine said...

Good luck with the "temporary" move home, my son moved back while he was studying......and moved out four years later!!.....in the meantime he got his degree and enjoyed a couple of years of free room/board...until I asked for some board....he was (to say the least)shocked and appalled that I had asked...but once he realised how good he had it (he asked all his mates and found out just how good he had it!!) he was happy to put some money in each fortnight....it also meant he could save some money and was able to build a new home....I loved having him home though I have to say! I really missed him when he moved out late last year.....
Sorry to hear about your cousin....I hope he is doing ok now!
And thanks for bursting my bubble....things aren't done until they are crossed off.....who knew!!! Will need to make a note to myself on that one! :)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Very funny!

I'm a list writer too... "to do" lists, observations, prayer concerns, gripes, rants, etc... there's peace that comes through writing it down.

Libby said...

*amen* on the screamin' kids. Hubby and I are right there with you.

belinda said...

......LOL......LOL.....OH, so you HAVE to mark
them OFF the list before it counts!!!!

This post was toooo funny girl!!!

Cynthia L. said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin, but glad he is doing better. I too am a list maker and love to cross things off. At the end of the day, I throw the list away. If things don't get marked off, who cares, they are in the trash.

I agree with the baby story. I don't understand why people do not pick up their children! I watch people bottle feed their babies who are sitting in a carrier. What happened to holding your baby and feeding it a bottle? My daughter's stroller was hardly ever used - I carried her and loved every moment of it!

Vivian said...

I am laughing and performing Kegels at the same time, if you know what I mean.
Funny, funny post -- from one C.O.W. to another.

Signed, a woman who cannot live without her lists.