Friday, November 12, 2010

Desert Desserts

Our trip to Arizona was precipitated by Erica's acceptance to ASU.  Though she has decided not to enroll for spring semester, we still wanted to meet with the advisor, get the lay of the land for school and a feel for her new neighborhood.  We flew out of Burbank Airport and there were eleven people on our flight.  Note to self:  Always fly on Tuesday nights!  My brother Ted picked us up and we went directly to the newly named Chez Erica, a lovely guest house on a nearby property they have.  The next morning we borrowed a car and headed to the downtown Phoenix ASU campus.  The advisor, we were told, was out sick.  That was a bit annoying but the backup advisor had plenty of information, plus we visited the financial aid and admissions counters as well.  All in all, it was worth the trip and her plans can now solidify a bit more.  She'll see a lot more of Uncle Ted and Aunt Laura's come January:

She loves their dogs!

Gorgeous mesquite tree and wishing well.

And she'll hope to borrow Ted's Corvette again too (and no, she didn't let me drive!)

Ted and Laura took us out for lunch to one of their favorite restaurants.  When we arrived at the Kierland Commons shopping center, the parking lot was completely full and there was a line of hundreds of people on the sidewalk across from the restaurant.  Turns out the famous Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, was doing a book signing gig at Sur La Table (a fancy kitchen store).  We did manage to get a table at the restaurant and had a fun, fabulous time at lunch; then we girls went shopping while Ted picked up the kids from school.  Oh, Crate and Barrel, I do love thee!  All their fall displays were backed with Marimekko yardage in a pumpkin print called Kumina. I searched in vain but they were not selling this in the store. It was stunning.  Then we spent a great deal of time in Anthropologie, where I fell in love with all the embroidered dishtowels, reproduction glass ornaments, kitchen kitsch, silk robes, cashmere scarves, and the Tokyo Rose perfumes.  Erica acquiesced to her Aunt Laura's wishes and consented to be bought a gorgeous dress and divine coat from the sale room--a big thank you to Laura for her usual generosity. 

We took a tour of Chez Erica before we headed home from our lovely and too short trip.  We spotted some bobcat tracks behind the main house on the property, which backs up to a wash.  I'm sure she will see javelina (wild pigs) and maybe some coyotes and definitely birds.  I spotted a wild bunny both mornings in the walled courtyard. She hopes she doesn't see many scorpions, but Uncle Ted has promised to buy her a blacklight and long tongs for hunting them.

Bougainvillea, palo verde and mesquite trees.

The saguaro in the center will someday develop arms.

Don't know what this cactus is but love the matte green finish.

She has access to a beautiful pool.

...and already feels at home (i.e., she's ready to decorate the place!).  Though we will miss her a lot when she goes, it's wonderful to know she will be near very loving and supportive family and only a quick plane trip away from us. 


Belinda said...

Well HECK.....this all sounds so good!!! You could MOVE couldn't you???? ha!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

It must be good to know that even though she's moving away she'll still be with family. And she wont be that far away (I had to look on a map to know that - my US geography not being that great ) It all sounds really exciting.

imquilternity said...

How gorgeous is that scenery! And, of course, being me, I love the pool the best! :) It's nice to know that your daughter will be in a safe environment while she's away.

Vivian said...

What a lucky lady your daughter is to have such a nice place to live and such a lovely venue for her continuing education.
And your peace of mind sending her off where she has the security of family around -- that's priceless for you and Grant.

Stephanie D. said...

How fortunate that she'll be close to family and have such a lovely place to live!