Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Feb 22, 2011

This week's Orts brought to you by partly cloudy and freshly scrubbed Southern California skies. 
  • I went with my daughter Elaine and my future son-in-law Chris to check out a wedding venue over the weekend.  It was a large old Victorian farmhouse on the coastal plain, surrounded by orchards and fields.  While beautiful and secluded, the site fee was $3,000 and did not include anything but the use of the grounds plus the separate structure housing the bathrooms and dressing rooms.  The house was private.  Gulp.  It started thundering and rain came pouring down as we left.  Maybe a sign?
  • My future son-in-law has informed me that HE is going to win the HGTV Dream Home.  Pretty great if he did!
  • I have been watching a few shows on Oprah's new channel, OWN.  I like Oprah well enough, but not her best friend Gayle King.  She always seems immature and annoying to me!
  • Email comes to me from two groups I belong to on Yahoo--one of which is high volume and I am not reading them at all.  For some time (like over a year) I have been wanting to change the delivery method but couldn't remember my login, though I knew the password.  Finally I did remember and my inbox is decluttered instantly!  You can bet I wrote down the login name for future reference.
  • Traffic rant:  Drivers entering from a parking lot or side street who look straight at you through the pouring rain and then pull out in front of you anyway, causing braking and bad words.
  • The International Quilt Festival's spring show moved to Cincinnati this year and my sister, my Mom and I are going.  I hope it isn't still snowing in early April because I don't own heavy winter clothing!
  • Son Nick is eagerly awaiting his youngest sister's return from AZ in less than two weeks--he wants to move into her old room as soon as she clears out more stuff.  Meanwhile, he occasionally spends time here watching sports on TV:
Mini cat and Russell dog love Nick!


Sherrill said...

Oh, I hate to burst his bubble, but I'm actually the pre-assigned winner of the dream home! LOL And I'm with you where Oprah's concerned but I don't like her either. There really are LOTS of stupid drivers on the road cause we have a bunch here as well (especially those with their texting devices in hand!!)! UGH

Shay said...

I think you'll have a few more "gulp" moments before those two saunter down the aisle. I read somewhere that the average wedding costs about 25,000- 35,000 dollars. Isnt that insane?

How exciting you get to go to the Spring quilt festival!

There are so many bad drivers out here I could write a blog dedicated to them!

Jerry R said...

Love your blog BTW. $3,000 for a venue isn't too bad, that is what we are paying here in CO. That will be the beginning of sticker shock for weddings, it's aggrevating what people charge the minute you mention wedding. Hang in there.

Barb said...

I am sorry if this sounds rude or more harsh than I intend but I do not like Gail King either...love Oprah but not Gail, she drives me totally insane...

Chris Daly said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks Gail is annoying. I listen to Oprah Radio on XM from time to time but have a hard time listening to her show. If your future son in law doesn't win give a thought to me. I'd love to turn the place into a quilt retreat.

Kate said...

The parking lot "no see-ers" are as bad as the I'm going to pass you, pull in front of you, then slam on my brakes so I can make a turn!

Diane said...

You asked how our wedding plans are progressing. The kids are planning it all and the bride's family is paying. After reading Shay's comment above, I'm glad I'm mother of the groom!

Stephanie D. said...

Who can afford weddings like that? I'm hoping DD, should she ever get married, will be able to pay for her own, because I sure as heck can't afford it. When we got married, it was right after I graduated nursing school and pre-income, and hubby was in college and just started a full-time job, so we were both broke.

Our parents were as broke if not more so than we, so we had a really small wedding with only one attendant each, and got married in the chapel where I was a student nurse--it was a freebie. We're just as married as if it had been a big one, and since I had been planning this during my last quarter of nursing school, it was much less stress to do it that way!

So if Chris wins the HGTV Dream Home, does he realize it's in Vermont??? I tried really hard to get the one in Oregon back in 2000 (?) and the one here in NC several years ago, but no luck. I actually got to tour the one here, because it was less than a 30 minute drive from us. It was beautiful, and I would have loved to own it!

Caroline in NH said...

Good luck with the wedding! DH & I (married 16 yrs now) got married on a boat - the Mt Washington, on Lake Winnipesaukee in NH. The 2.5 hr cruise after the ceremony was our reception; we bought the tickets to the cruise, did table decorations ourselves, had a friend make the cake. Granted, it was 16 yrs ago, but counting the dress it was less than $2500.

Love the pic of the dog & cat! They almost match! Very cute little Aussie.