Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

Mixed bag of thoughts that land here--that's what orts on Tuesdays are all about!
  • I forgot to mention something in last week's IQF related post--which was the time we had with Sandy Klop, of American Jane.  I pointed out to my artist mom that the designer herself was manning the booth and they had a lovely conversation about how Sandy got started, how she comes up with her designs (she draws and paints them), and the lucky break she unexpectedly got at her first few shows where she was only offering 11 of her patterns (which were picked up by Moda)  and was asked if she had a fabric line.  Suddenly she was a fabric designer!  It was a treat to hear her story.   I bought some polka dots :)
  • Last week was very stressful at work--the doc was going out of town and patients were crazy to get in before he went.  My neck was killing me by Thursday and I was put over the top by a weevil infestation of my pantry at home that took a couple of hours of bending and looking into the cupboard, pulling out everything, wiping it all down, and putting it all back, organized.  I did not make it to work on Friday due to neck pain and a bad headache.  Thank goodness for Advil!!
  • Traffic rant:  We've had lots of extra traffic around our office due to the fairgrounds being nearby.  The endless cruise of vehicles and people pulling into illegal parking spots is ridiculous, given that there are free shuttle buses from multiple locations around town that have free parking as well. 
  • People watching is so entertaining.  I am always surprised, though, when I see gals dressed for the Club instead of the County Fair.  Is it really necessary to show cleavage while viewing pigs, chickens, and pie eating contests?
  • Summer is winding down but the kids in our neighborhood are getting in as much play as they possibly can before school starts in two weeks.  There are chalk drawings everywhere.
  • For my sister Kathy:



Vivian said...

How aggravating that so many people don't take advantage of easy transportation options at fairs and such. The simplicity of being dropped off "at the front door" is such a no-brainer. Just park and ride the bus, folks!
I suppose people just like to have a car nearby for whatever reason. Not me! I'll take the bus and cut down on the walking.

Shay said...

I love Sandy Klop designs and am so envious you got to meet her!

Ive often thought about how awful it would be to live near a football stadium or any other public venue on busy days. People will just park anywhere - so inconsiderate!

Glad you listened to your body and took that day off. You probably really needed it after such a stressful week.

Candace said...

Too bad there weren't some minions to help you de-stress last week! Here's to better days ahead and more minions, Annie!

Michele said...

Love the Minions!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love the orts!
I also love to watch people and am totally amazed at how little clothing some women wear and the "shoes" they are able to walk on!
Hope you are feeling much better now