Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

Another edition of the orts this fine Tuesday morning.
  • Some HUGE stressors fell away last week workwise when we learned our co-worker does NOT have cancer after all--she will not need treatment besides the surgery she underwent to remove half of her thyroid gland.  We all felt she still deserves the quilt I made her for the terrific roller coaster she and her family were on these past six weeks. 
  • Another stressor was the coming absence of our back office assistant as she starts nursing school next week.  Our doctor boss--not a linear thinker--could not make a decision about what he wanted to do about this until it came down to the wire!  Finally, we decided to hire within our office staff and training has begun.  Good thing she already knows us all, and especially Dr. P's quirks.
  • Traffic rant:  I've ranted previously about drivers who look right at you and then pull out directly in front of you anyway without making any effort to speed up.  Over the weekend I experienced that in a department store.  A lady came out between racks onto a major walkway just as I stepped nearly to that spot, looked me in the face and turned in front of me at a one millimeter pace.  Screech!!!
  • Russell the dog needed his rabies shot.  Grant called a couple of vet's offices in our neighborhood and found the best office visit price of $39.  Of course the charges piled up and with medicines for an ear condition, steroids for itching, and an extra vaccine it ended up being over $200.  So much for bargain shopping!
  • The birthday girl received her Reese's cheesecake selection at the restaurant with a birthday message in chocolate syrup and some very bad singing by the waitstaff (and us!). 
Her fiance Chris read the message out loud as the plate passed him as, " 'Happy Birthday--No Sauce'??"   His bride-to-be gently notified him it actually read "To You". 


Shay said...

The scenario you described in the supermarket /shops is just about the most annoying thing EVER! Happens to me all the time. I really wish I was still pushing a pram so I could just ram straight into them and then innocently say "Sorry".

I am so glad your co-workers illness is not as serious as first thought. Good news all round!

And ..I have learned Annie that you will never get out of the vet without spending the national debt of a small country no matter what you went there for!

julieQ said...

Sounds like you got some good news at work...yahoo!! I need a bite of that dessert!

Vivian said...

Medical results can be such life changers -- so glad this one was not as serious as it could have been.
I had a good laugh about the message with the cheesecake.
Sorry the bargain shopping didn't end up as you'd hoped. At least those bigger expenses with dogs are usually sporadic and not constant--but they still hurt.

Kate said...

Very good news for your co-worker. That had to be a very scary 6 weeks.

It's not just the vet where that happens, the last time Kiddo went to the doctor she had to have two additional vaccines. Granted insurance covers those. Isn't it too bad our health insurance doesn't cover our pets?