Thursday, October 6, 2011

Followup and Followers

The giveaway is now closed to comments.  Thanks for playing my game!  Winner to be announced Thursday 10/13. 

I got a chance to take The Wedding Quilt to DD Elaine's a couple of nights ago.  It is already plenty big for their queen bed and the addition of the narrow 3" border called for by the pattern is all that is necessary to finish off the top (Natural Beauty, Quilts and More, Winter 2010).  I spent a lovely hour in the fabric store picking out a solid border fabric (actually, I spied the color almost immediately but wandered about looking at everything else for another hour).  This is a Kona color called "Earth".  It plays well with the rust fabric that will be the binding as well as the other neutrals in the top.  Luckily, despite my MATH error, I bought twice as much as I thought I needed and just eked out the number of strips required.  Note to self:  TWO sides + a TOP and BOTTOM= 4 borders. 

In other news, a very lovely number has come up on my sidebar--there are 100 Followers of my little blog.  Briefly I had 101 Followers a couple of different days; not sure what caused them to go away, but do hope they come back.  To celebrate the triple digit experience, a thank-you-for-following giveaway is in order, don't you think?  Since I am a obviously a WORD girl, the prize will be a copy of Word Play Quilts, the free-pieced lettering guide I've been using for my Any Witch Way quilts, so some lucky person can play with words too.

By coincidence the author, Tonya Ricucci, is appearing on The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson this week. She has a photo of Alex Anderson standing in front of the "Cake Quilt", for which I made the SOAR block. Pretty cool! Subscribers to The Quilt Show can view episode #907, otherwise you can sign up to view it for free through October 9th HERE

For the giveaway, I'd love to hear about more unusual but real names you may have among your family or friends and neighbors.  Leave one comment to enter and make sure your email is either in your profile or the comment so I have a way to contact you.  Following is not a requirement to enter.  I'll be ordering the book through Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville website and she does ship internationally.  Comments will close Wednesday night by 11 pm and a winner will be selected Thursday, lucky October 13th, in the morning.  


Mary said...

congrats on 100 Followers. I know how you feel when one leaves. I like your wedding quilt. Unusual names run in my family, except for mine. I have two brothers with Odd names. Derlyn and Selwyn. My Daughters are NaDell and Janessa. My Mother's name was NaOla. How's that! I don't need the Book but I would take it if I win!

Marg said...

Congrats on breaking the 100 followers.
My nephew is called Tarrant, and a girlfriend named her son Braxton, and yes she had the idea from Braxton Hicks!!!

Katie said...

I follow lots of blogs, but not in a way that shows up on follow lists. I use NetNewsWire to blog read on my Mac. :-)

My name was unusual when I was a child. Everyone else was some version of Kathy. I spent LOTS of time explaining that no I wasn't called Kathy and some people never got it. Sigh. Now there are little Katie's everywhere! Another family member is Betty, but not Elizabeth, and another is Jennie, but not Jennifer. Like me, they've spent lots of time defending their names. :-)

PDXPam said...

Hmm, not too many strange names on my side of the family, on my hubby's side, his grandfather's middle name was Parvin, his mom has a cousin named Cordell. My soon to be ex-son in law is Micheal Given, he goes by his middle name and yes his first name is spelled "ea" instead of the usual "ae". (strange family, but don't get me started lol)

Denise :) said...

What a fun book!! Our family is full of unusual names, because we're big on recycling them. LOL! If only that were good for the environment. Congrats on the milestone on the followers! It feels pretty nice, huh?! :)

anne bebbington said...

My ex-husband's first name was Duke and his father's full name was Stanley Sylvester Petyt Holmes - having to fill out his full name endlessly on all the required paperwork for his farm during WW2 made him determined to give his four children short simple names: Roy, Max, Ivy and Duke, and none of them had middle names either

Shay said...

Whoooooooo Hooooooo on the 100 followers Annie. Congratulations my friend!

You know I could go on and on about unusual names. I know a Taj , a Gargan, a Koddee (Cody)and even a Caesar.

Joyful Quilter said...

Eek, true confessions, I've calculated the borders similar to you and did not over buy, so embarrassing.

Congrats on all the followers! I had aunt named Ola Mae (O-la May) - she hated her name, I loved it. I also have twin aunts named Ollita and Willita...what was my grandmother thinking? lol

Thanks for the great giveaway, my fingers are crossed.

Belinda said...

Hey, I already have the book so I will let someone else get lucky!! I loved watching Tonya on The Quilt Show and am now glad I know how to pronounce her last name!

Great drawing/giveway for reaching 100 followers!! Yes, my follower numbers go up and down all the time...LOLOL...especially when I am taking a blogging break. It's like they think I'm not at home and won't notice!!

The wedding quilt really has turned out nice! This is one quilt you are giving away that you will still get to have visitation!!!

Blogless me said...

Congratulations! Actually, I am sure you have more followers than what the counter says. Just as Kathie above, I follow your blog (and enjoy your rants) in my Google Reader but it does not show in your counter - go figure!

We have friends that have named their sweet offspring Egel, Elf and Ko. They are flemmish speakers and in Dutch Egel means "hedgehog". Elf has two meanings: the first is as the english "elf", the second means "eleven". Ko is spelled with a K but is pronounced the same way as the Co. of "company".

Kate said...

Congrats on reaching 100 followers!

Banaghaisge said...

Well done, 100 followers, you are truly a cult leader now!!!!
Unusual names? Not too many Jasmines around when I was little (none actually), my next sister is Elspeth, then Noela, Marion, Lewis and Alan (tho he is pretty common), so we were all unusual. The next gen is mostly different,too - Tai, Jan (as in yarn, and he has to spell it all the time, and put up with letters addressed to Ms...), Halley, Marshall are mine, then Ula, Levi, Zoe, Lenore, Hans, Tessa, Edwin, Lachlan, Skye, Fraser, Caitlin, are all some of the names we came up with!!! My grandmother was Evangeline Euphemia (I got the Evangeline but 'modernised' -!!!- to Evelyn as a second name.
Odd enough? Am lovong reading all the other names people have in their families!!

Banaghaisge said...

PS I forgot the next generation - we are maintaining the looniness.
One of the great grandkids is Orson, another Araminta, there are 11 more and I can't think of any more (except for Molly but that isn't so weird, she is MY grandie after all, that is weird enough for her...) Hugs, Centenarian!

quiltmom said...

I have a chance Annie to see lots of unusual names with unusual spellings because I am a teacher. Some of them include Wintercount, Starlight, Winddancer, and Natayla.
My most unusual family name is Whitley who is my beautiful grand niece- if you visit my blog you will find an absolutely fun picture of her peeking out of a can.
She is totally sweet and has just recently turned one.

Words are fun- congratulations on reaching a 100 followers.
Regards from Western Canada,

Vivian said...

Congratulations on your followers. The oddest name in my family is Cadence. It is a musical term. Her dad and mom are both music teachers. That is not odd at all compared to a lot of the others. lol

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm glad I didn't miss this one! I try as I might to get around to all the blogs and catch the nick of time here! Oh...have to add something...we had a garage sale on a Saturday and it was pathetic...what was surprising is the shoes sold to include my husband's old slippers! He considered tossing them but forgot they were in the pile!

The name I have to share is SLAPPY! It is a nickname that my son gave himself waaaaaay back when he was a little guy. He watched a video called Slappy and the Stinkers. After he was so excited and said, "momma...I wish I could be called SLAPPY" this day I still call him Slappy. In the video Slappy was the seal and The Stinkers were the kids.

Stephanie D. said...

Hubby's parents had odd names: dad was August Maston D----- and mom was Maudell. In my search for hubby's birth certificate, etc. I did find it spelled "Maydell" in one place, but the oddest thing is that she went by "Jackie", which had nothing to do with her own name. Guess that's why hubby came up with Jack for a name.

Hubby also swears he went to college with a girl who's last name was "Bug". Her first name was Ima. Even sicker, her middle name was June. I'm hoping she changed her name as soon as she turned 21.

Jill said...

Love your wedding dress pattern. I have admired Tonya book for a while. Would love to win a copy!

Vivian said...

Our family names are repetitious and nothing very unusual. Some of the names show up in 2 or 3 generations in a row -- George, Anna, Rose, Kenneth, William, and Marie. Very bland names. I guess LeRoy is a bit different but nothing exotic (my grandfather and a brother's middle name--another repeat). There's nothing very startling or unique, compared to the names I see these days.

Many congratulations on your milepost. I know I'll always find something interesting and something I can relate to when I visit Annie's orts.

Mary-anne said...

Hi Annie,
Here are some funny names from Down Under...
My favorite family has three girls Storm, Tempest and Fury and one bOy River
I know a boy called Nemo -it means "No name" as his parents want him to choose his own name when he is older
I know someone called Berri and her surname is Cherry!
or how about David Davids?
I have a niece named India and her sister is Tennyson and I am Mary-anne because my parentss couldn't sgree - one wanted Mary and the other Anne so they joined the names up!