Saturday, January 7, 2012


Man, that is a hard task when there are new projects calling my name!  But I have had a Quilts for Kids kit for a shamefully long time and my sewing room workweek's goal was to get it in the mail TODAY.  And so I shall, along with a from-stash fraternal twin quilt.
The kit quilt.  I added precut 2" scrap bin black/white print corners to the airplane print blocks for a change-up to the basic squares.

Some simple diagonal grid quilting in a variegated blue thread finished it off.  Originally I was going to bring the back over to the front and make a self binding but my quilting plan didn't really allow for that as I went off the edges of the quilt but not the edges of the larger backing.  Savvy?  That left loose ends that would have unraveled the quilting since I neatly clipped off the tails as I went.

This black and white checkerboard from the leftovers pile worked a charm for binding.

Skulls, flames, and stripes make this from-stash quilt pretty lively. 

I even pieced the batting from leftovers so incurred no extra costs to fashion this donation quilt.  I hope someone's kid likes it as much as I do!

The railroad tracks quilting gave this a nice texture and I would definitely use it again.  It was really fun to stitch. The quilting design was from Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project blog (Day 354).  She is currently doing a beginners free motion quiltalong and has some great tutorials.  Okay, off to the post office I go.  Focus, focus!


Denise :) said...

Way to go!! Two young people are going to be extremely happy!! :)

Michele said...

Great job on these two fun quilts :-) There are going to be some really happy kids when they receive these wonderful quilts !

Shay said...

Im liking the fresh new look over here Annie.

And the skulls quilt is definitely one of MY favourites. Im sure some kid is going to adore it.

Congratulations on the finishes!

Barb said...

Your quilts are just wonderful...not pat yourself on the back!! Great job!

Joyful Quilter said...

Good job. I have the same goal this weekend, quiltings done, but I have three that need binding then out the door they go.

Quilter Kathy said...

That's amazing to have TWO finishes to report...way to go! You are starting off 2012 on the right foot!

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