Sunday, May 6, 2012

Busy with Offspring

It's been busy around here the last four days, but a good kind of busy, involving all three offspring and some sewing.  Erica, youngest DD, drove out from Arizona on Thursday to attend a wedding.  Older DD Elaine was in said wedding, and Grant and I were invited to it.  This was the wedding of Elaine's husband's brother, for which I made the 17 lace and blue velvet ribbon tabletoppers I showed before (and I did end up steaming them all before delivery).  I had made a long satin sash for Elaine to wear with her bridesmaid's dress, and she called me in a panic on Thursday concerned that the dress was too short and too sheer when she cinched the sash.  Brainstorming, I told her I could make an underskirt/slip out of the leftover satin.  So that was Thursday night's project that lasted until after midnight since she had to come over after the wedding rehearsal dinner.  But she looked wonderful Friday evening, as did the bride, groom, and best man, our son in law Chris--there on the left (despite my camera's inability to focus properly in low light).

 The beautiful bride even wore the veil I made for Elaine's wedding, which was a sweet surprise.  It was a lovely, classic wedding and we enjoyed all the special touches the couple planned and the nice reception with lots of music and dancing.  Son Nick was at a different wedding at the exact same time, as his girlfriend's brother got married to his longtime love.  But Nick didn't stay out too late, since Saturday's big event was focused on him and required a moving van.

Mini checked out the tires on the moving van.

Doesn't that label on the left pretty much describe the contents of most moving boxes?  (on a side note, I'm proud my son knows plural from possessive in his labeling!)

And here are Nick's new digs, a small guest house tucked into the hill of our longtime friend's property.  I showed his spectacular view a few weeks ago, here.  With Erica's help on spider/web destruction patrol, and about a hundred trips up and down the steep stairs, the four of us had Nick mostly set up in just a few hours.  This is the first time he has lived completely alone and he's looking forward to the experience.

Today I turned a shower curtain into two window coverings for Nick's new place.  Then I worked on the last of the Jewel Box blocks so I can finally get this off my floor:

My boss, for whom this quilt is intended, liked the off center layout, so I'm keeping that.  However, I may take the last two rows on the right and move them to the opposite side, since I want that purple center to be the "heart" of the quilt.  I'll get these rows all stacked and pinned and move on to the final project of the weekend, putting the binding on my brother's coffee themed quilt.  I'll be heading back with Erica to Arizona in a few days and delivering the quilt in person. Busy busy busy!  


Kate said...

You had a busy weekend, but it likes like a fun one.

The Jewel Box quilt is looking great! Though I'm trying to figure out when you had any time to sew this weekend.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Oh to be young again and just have one box of random crap!

Looks like it was a great weekend -


Patrica said...

I'm exhausted just reading about the past couple of weeks you've had! You need a vacation! ;D

carol fun said...

That Jewel. Box quilt is so pretty! I like the off center setting too. Having done many moves I would have been better off with boxes labeled Random Crape than the labels the movers affixed. It took months to find the legs for the couch as they were in a box marked "towels ". Grrrrrr..

Janet O. said...

Appropriately labeled box!
My youngest moved out two days ago. The next to youngest goes this week. Of course, this isn't the first "move out" for either one of them. Our basement apartment has a revolving door with their names on it. : )
Jewel Box looks luscious!

Shay said...

A wedding always makes for a great post ,even if your camera wasn’t playing nice- we get the gist and the bride still looks beautiful .

I suspect you’re doing the happy dance for Nick (and because that’s one more room you have in your house ...quick ..turn it into something important so nobody can move back in!)

Have a wonderful time in Arizona.

Vivian said...

Good grief, lady! You're keeping everybody's lives in order with your help. Way to go!
I like that curtain fabric. Very modern, for a modern guy who's now on his own.

Tanya said...

Another beautiful quilt you have there. You are getting so much done! (Most of my moving boxes so long ago were labeled "Junk".