Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Orts

A late edition of Tuesday's Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and happenings that land here semi-regularly.

  • The kids bought their dad L.A. Dodger baseball tickets for Father's Day and we are going to a game this weekend.  Today Grant turned in all our saved recyclable cans and bottles and got $84 back.  That should cover a couple of  Dodger Dogs, soda, and maybe a beer or two, shouldn't it?
  • School has been out two weeks and the neighbor boys on either side of us have made full use of every second with daily fort-building using Boogie boards, scrap wood, chairs, blankets, etc, as well as playing basketball, baseball, and evening sessions of catching June Bugs.  We love our front row seat to all this childhood memory-making.
  • Traffic Rant:  There is no end to the bullying behavior of speeders.  Today, a woman in a big pickup truck nearly ran into me as she was trying to merge two lanes over, in heavy traffic, before we even got to the end of the freeway onramp.  Seriously, who needs to be in that big of a hurry before they even get ON the freeway?
  • Another successful DIY repair over the weekend saw two 20 year old torchieres shine brightly again.  All it took was a screwdriver, $20 in halogen replacement bulbs, and a lot of cleanup of dessicated insect bodies.  I'm now able to SEE at my cutting table at night for the first time, and can also read in bed again. Yay!
  • My Mom's dear friend, who never threw anything away, passed away last fall and a lot of her sewing things came to me, including a bag of notions.  
This is only a small portion of the bag I brought home.  I turned one unopened Talon zipper over:
"Copyright 1947".  Now that's a great vintage!


Julie in the Barn said...

I can never understand why some people feel the need to be in front and risk an accident just to pass one car on windy 2 lane roads! Grrrr. My Dear Mom cleaned out her sewing cabinet and gifted me with similar zippers and some great old Butterick patterns. The price on some is 35 cents!!

Quilter Kathy said...

I sure do miss the good old days of the kids making "forts". What a great vintage find!

Libby said...

*yummy* Dodger dogs! Word is some of the O'Malley family are sealing a deal to buy the Padres. Who knows? We may end up with a decent team in San Diego . . . . someday *s*

Shay said...

Im totally over rudeness on the roadways. Seriously - unless you're rushing to get someone to hospital there is no need to be in such a hurry.

I love vintage notions. I inherited some when my Nanna passed away. You scored big time !

Vivian said...

I know that 1947 was a very good year ;) so be sure to treat those notions with the respect that all oldies deserve. I'm sure you'll find a use for them. Maybe in bags?

I miss the sound of children around our neighborhood. Their laughter and screams of joy in the summer never bothered me. DH couldn't stand much of it, but I thought it was great. They were outside and playing and using their imagination and getting exercise. That's worth a few minutes of noise.

Stephanie Davison said...

Have fun at the game! That's a passle of recyclables you had there!

Kate said...

Hope you enjoyed the baseball game. Very cool vintage notions.