Sunday, July 15, 2012


Finally some sewing time came my way this weekend, in between visiting with our guests, playing with an adorable blue-eyed blonde 5 year old with an equally adorable Russian accent, who calls our dog "Yussell" instead of Russell. She was thrilled to play with our girls' old dollhouse, and happily ride Nick's skateboard while holding onto my hands.  Today they are away at a family BBQ so I devoted some more time to the pile of unfinished work in my sewing area.

The center of the Pinwheel Garden quilt is sewn...auditioning borders now.  Meh for the burgundy print.

The green dot is okay but I don't have enough of it.  A big no to the yellowish print.  I have no other light prints in the stash--no light blue, pink, green, or purple.

This creamy white looks better than I expected.

I believe there are enough lights in the pinwheels to make this the right choice.  With the addition of more green from the vines and leaves to be appliqued, I think it will look great.    There is only a yard of it so I'll have to do MATH to see if there is enough.  If not, I'll find another at the fabric store that will work.

While I had the camera out,  I took pics of the lovely gifts our guests brought: a picture postcard tour of their city, Nizhny Novgorod, a thimble and t-shirt with the city's name, and an adorable set of matryoshka.

The tallest one is only about four inches, and the little bean of a baby about 3/4".  I love these! 

Tonight I hope to complete all the crosshatching on the Caramel Blues quilt.  This needs to be completed by Friday if I want to enter it into the County Fair and there is still stippling, borders, and binding to be done.


Pokey said...

Wonderful pieces going on, I like your crosshatching design in your caramel blues. Love those Russian dollies! Good luck in your finish for the fair ~

Janet O. said...

I think the cream border will do well with the applique added.
The matreshka (just another spelling option) dolls are very cute. They brought a smile to my face. I have collected them for years. Someday I'll show my collection on my blog.
Good luck finishing up Caramel Blues in time!

Kate said...

The cream looks good, hope you have enough.

Love the little matryoshka, how cute!

Good luck finishing up your Caramel Blues quilt and good luck at the County Fair!

Shay said...

I lost it when I saw the Babushkas...

Stephanie Davison said...

I like that cream, too. That's going to be a pretty quilt.

What sweet gifts--especially the little Russian dolls!