Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Working Away

Surprisingly, I am still working at Dr. P's, even though he is seeing patients elsewhere.  I'm trying to finish up all the packing, labeling, and various and assorted tasks for closing down the office.  My mom and DD Elaine helped on Monday morning and we piled a lot of disassembled charts into the shred bins.  Elaine volunteered to climb up into the bins and jump up and down, but paper does not compact very well so the pile was not pushed down too far.  We should have gotten a photo!  At any rate, the file room shelves are emptied and the building is lonely.  We also finally started getting payments from Medicare, which we had been trying to do for six months.  This is a big load off our minds! 

On other fronts, DD Erica is leaving for Arizona today so I worked the last two evenings to get the placemats done for her.

We both preferred this asymmetrical setting.  I did all of the quilting with my walking foot.

I guess it's true I like Oriental prints because the backing had the word Geisha in it, which of course I didn't know when I first saw the fabric on the bolt :)  Someday I'll have to make some placemats for my own table--the quilt-as-you-go way sounds good.  Anyone have another favorite way?


Janet O. said...

I like this setting for the placemats, too.
I remember once a few years ago realizing that I didn't own a single quilt that I had made. So I finally kept a couple. Now you need to keep some placemats! : )

Barb said...

Love the placemats!

Kate said...

Sounds like a productive day. Beautiful placemats.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Great for Dr.P! I wasn't sure what where or when he would work! So glad about the medicare payments too!! I think he is VERY lucky to have that turn out right. I guess all your persistence paid off!!

Great placemats. I need to make some new ones for myself. I'm like Janet O....Most projects I have managed to finish went somewhere else besides staying here with me!!

Stephanie Davison said...

Awesome placemats! How many did you make?

*karendianne. said...

Great placemats!