Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Out

An unusual thing happened on Friday night--Grant and I went out on a date.  As in he asked me out, I said yes, we got dressed and then went to dinner and listened to live music.  It is nice when the band starts playing long before dark and we are not already entrenched in our usual evening routine.

It was a lovely warm evening as we walked to the restaurant in the Ventura Harbor.  In the background beyond the boat masts, palm trees, and coastal plain are my favorite hills, Two Trees on the left, and my favorite mountains, the Topa Topa range on the right.  In winter this scene can include mountaintop snow.

The boat slips were all full and the water mostly still.

This young gull was enjoying the scene too. I love the name of the boat in the background, "Once Upon A Tide".  We ate outside on the covered patio of the restaurant while enjoying listening to a friend of Grant's who is an exceptional guitar player, playing with a talented drummer, keyboard and bass players.  Lots of classic bluesy rock n' roll was heard.  After dinner, we moved into the bar and Grant joined the band to sing harmony on "Can't You See".  Unfortunately my camera does not work in low light so I got no shots of him singing, but he did a great job.  Thanks for the date, honey, I loved it!


Libby said...

Live music and date night - what's not to love!

Kate said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening.

Vivian said...

Loverly -- totally envious. Sounds like a dream date and a great time together.