Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Orts--the Late Edition

Tuesday's Orts--bits and scraps of events and thoughts that land here semi-regularly.
  • I was admonished today by my daughter Elaine that I haven't been keeping up with my orts posts, even after she sent me a blog-appropriate photo.  I agreed it was a great pic; so, dear daughter, here it is, with my thanks: 
Pretty clever, no?

  • Traffic Rant:  Why, yes, I would like to wait here endlessly while you are jawing to the driver of the car next to you AFTER the light turns green.  Thanks for the time off from pushing on that gas pedal!
  • During my shift at the Senior Craft Shoppe yesterday we had few visitors come in the door, and two who did were merely seeking information on where the nearest public restroom was (not our shoppe!). 
  • Thanksgiving is next week!  I suppose I should finalize my menu and guest list since people will be showing up on the doorstep at some point, believing they will be offered food and drink.
  • This time three years ago I was on a plane to Australia to go to the wedding of a friend I met through the Internet in 1998.  Next week I get to meet a different friend from Australia, who I met through blogging.  The Internet is an amazing place!
  There is still time to enter my 700th post giveaway, HERE, before the drawing tomorrow night. Good luck!


Janet O. said...

Great plate! : )

Marg said...

Love that plate!
Are you going to share with us your Thanksgiving menu, once you know what you are making?

Denise :) said...

This will be the first year we're doing split Thanksgiving, due to in-laws! So my son and his family, along with Todd's dad, will join us at the camp for a noontime dinner. Then we'll go to my son's house later that afternoon for leftovers and dessert with my daughter and her husband and Ellie. Whew. I think we just need to switch off years. LOL!

And absolutely, the Internet is an amazing place. Where else could a gal from Maryland meet a man from Alabama and be swept off her feet (and out of her state)?!? :)

McIrish Annie said...

I have met several of my "blogging"friends in person and have not been disappointed. I hope at some point in time we get to meet Face to face or Annie to Annie!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Pokey said...

I'm glad you have been seeing friends from blogland, it makes us more real
:-} I'm hoping to catch up with you someday, Annie ~

Vivian said...

I stayed off the internet for a few days and missed your 700th post celebration. Hearty congrat's! That's a lot of orts, a lot of wisdom, a lot of Tuesday rants, and a lot of quilting.
And Happy Birthday to you, my cyber friend. Autumn birthdays are the best. Your daughter found a great license plate. It's definitely worthy of a posting.

Shay said...

Am I invited for Thanksgiving? I'll bring vegemite!

Ive been really cheesed off with other peoples poor driving this week...

Dont forget to give Loz a massive hug for me. I miss her terribly and cant wait for her to get home.

Lorraine said...

Looking forward to catching up next week!! Can't believe it was three hears ago you came to Aus!

Stephanie D said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Hope it was cool!

I don't think I've met anyone from blogland before! I did meet a gal from an old yahoo chatboard years ago, but the group kind of dissolved and we didn't keep up. She was really nice, but I don't remember her name. Have a good time!

Kate said...

Enjoy your visit with your friend.