Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday's Orts--the job search sort

Tuesday's Orts--bits and scraps of thoughts and events that land here semi-regularly.  This week, its all about the job hunt.
  • I got laid off in August when the doctor's office I was managing closed.  Since then I have continued my other job as per diem transcriber for the hospital while also getting some assistance from the State.  But I am too young to stay off work much longer, hard as it is to find in my field!
  • Over 20 years ago when I first started doing medical transcription, I was told it would "be obsolete in five years" because of voice-to-type programs.  It seems that prediction has just about come true over 20 years later, but for a different reason--electronic medical records, where the assistant or doctor him/herself checks boxes and types in information. 
  • I went to a job interview today which was advertised as "medical secretary", but given my past experience and "likes", the HR manager suggested I might become a Scribe for one of their ortho doctors.  This sounds so interesting, different, and right up my alley, but has a couple of strikes against it. #1) the doctor is not sure what he would do with me five days a week since he is a busy surgeon and not always in the office; #2) the job is 50 miles away and requires driving L.A. freeways, meaning a drive time of an hour minimum each way.  Oh, and then add the price of gasoline in Southern California, currently about $4.40 a gallon.  That may be the strike #3, you're out.
  • Traffic Rant:  Drivers who swerve out of a blocked lane directly in front of you without notice.  Terrifying!
  • This is a much better view to ponder:
The Grand Canyon from a small blue bear's perspective. 

 Everybody say oooooohh, spooky!


Kate said...

Oooooh Spooky! Wonderful view.

Hopefully the job outlook will improve soon.

Nancy said...

Praying that the right job opportunity will come your way soon.

Small blue bear is a bit close to the edge. Be safe, little one.

Darlene said...

I hope something perfect for you will come along soon. I got laid off 13 years ago, made a huge mistake by taking a break and have never been able to find something in the same field. Keep looking, Annie!

Marg said...

Fingers crossed that something will come along soon.
Ooh that bear is very close to the edge.

Janet O. said...

Good luck on the job hunt, Annie.
I am so not a fan of heights that I get nervous just looking at the bear sitting so close to the edge. : )

Kris said...

Good luck on the job front! We pay about $5.70 for a gallon of petrol here in Australia.

Barb said...

Good luck with the job search.

Someone swirved in front of us the other day...scarrrey.

dortha said...

Here's hoping something good comes along soon.

Karendianne said...

Darn distance and gas but obviously the Universe has other plans for you. :) …except for the traffic swerving. Agreed on that.

Oh but how cute blue bear looking at the Grand Canyon although yeah, spooky!

Shay said...

Be careful little bear - you dont want to fall!

I dont know about you but that seems a long way to commute (says the girl who has a 6 minute drive to work ) And yep you have to weigh up the gas thing. Gas here is about to hit $5.70 a gallon. Mr. P works about 30 minutes away and Im thinking about buying him a skateboard!

Quilter Kathy said...

Great photos!
The best job for you will come along...and won't involve traffic ranting!

Sherrill said...

Hmm, yeah, I think just the drive alone would be the strike that'd take that job off the possible list. LOVE the photo of the bear visit to the Grand Canyon. So cool!

McIrish Annie said...

Having traveled 45 mins each way for 19 years, I say forget about that job! Work is stressful enough without adding commuter stress especially where you are!

Libby said...

Be careful Small Blue Bear - a stiff gust of wind could carry you away!

*this from the person who made it a personal mission to visit the Grand Canyon as an adult in order to actually view it. Visited as a young girl (four years old, perhaps) with Mom and Grandma. Grandma clamped so hard on my wrist to keep me away from the edge that I still may suffer from some circulation problems in my finger *lol*