Thursday, July 11, 2013


When there is time before the bus comes I might go in the library or the Santa Barbara courthouse and wander around a bit.  The other day I visited the Mural Room in the courthouse and took these shots with my iPhone. 
This one representing the arrival of the Spanish...

Fifty years after Columbus, it reads. The flag of Spain was planted and white foreigners began changing what would become California.

The Mural Room's ceilings are probably 30-40 feet high, and the huge beams heavily decorated and guilted.

It's a lovely quiet place to sit and enjoy!


Janet O. said...

That is an impressive looking place. I'd get caught up in the experience and miss my bus. : )

Shay said...

Those murals are pretty darn impressive and that ceiling- oh my!

What a great thing to be able to do while waiting for a bus.

Kate said...

Very impressive! What a great place to spend a few minutes while you are waiting for the bus.