Monday, March 10, 2014

Design Wall Monday--3/10/14

A late posting for DWM, but here goes!  On my design surface are still more CW repro scraps and partially completed objects (PCOs).

One of these things is not like the of these things was just made wrong...
This was an experiment in leftover HSTs and a pack of precut squares.  I was not happy with the size of the coping strip I had to cut in order to make the odd size of the squares (4") fit the HSTs I had trimmed to 2.5".  MATH again!  Therefore I was not paying attention to the fact that the star I was aiming for turned into a square.

This was what I was aiming for :)  I cut down the precut square for this star to 3.5" and then the coping strip was cut at 1", making a more pleasing proportion to me.

I so wish I had more of this caramel Jo Morton print and the subtle print neutral.  But, alas, I do not--only a few square inches of scraps are left.

Turns out I liked the second layout better.  I saved the center star block for some future playtime. Since these photos I have added borders to what will be a nice sized tablerunner--these are 8" finished blocks.  I turned my attention then to a couple of  PCOs (partially finished objects).

These tiny bits I had sewn together were left over from strips sets made for Julie's 9 patch swap of a few years ago.  I thought this would make another cute table mat and since this photo I've added borders to the long sides only.  I have just enough of this purple print for a backing, and disassembled a strip set to get enough of the leftover shirting prints to make a binding.  Sort of spring-like with the purples, maybe?  Finally, this doll quilt-along top from Lori's blog from a couple of years ago progressed no further until now.

Lori even liked my suggestion for the doll quilt's name, Pink Lemonade.  Those churn dash blocks are  small--I think they finish at 5".  Yellow and pink are very scarce in my stash and acquiring both required a couple of trips to the fabric store at the time of the quilt-along.  My iPhone photography is making the yellow rather more lemony than it is in true life. Also, the pressing job after the photo improved the top's looks.  Someday I'll get better at thinking of that before I start taking photos!

I'm going to back it with this pink print and then do big stitch hand quilting to finish it off.   See more design walls on Judy's Patchwork Times.

And now, some baby spam. 
Some Sunday evening Mimi time with Baby Cove!  I put him to sleep while mom and dad were trying to eat their dinner.  Check out those duds :)  He's 12 days old today.


Stephanie said...

As much as I admire posts about quilts and blocks the first thing I noticed is the new grandparent photo on your side bar. How sweet. And the photo of you holding Cove in that ADORABLE outfit is precious.

Patrica said...

First of all Cove is gorgeous! What can be better than a baby picture? Second, isn't it funny how a 'mistake' can sometimes be better than our original idea? I agree that that square just flows better in your table runner. You've been busy this week. I have to get back into my sewing room to catch up!

Janet O. said...

Beautiful photo of Grandma and baby!!
I can't see the background fabric in your star blocks clearly enough to know if I have it, but there is a half yard of the gold star print in my stash. If you want it I will send it your way!

Shay said...

Your lack of attention just turned out another type of pretty block so it all worked out in the end. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some of that Caramel fabric for you.

Baby spam is my favourite kind of spam. He is such a sweetie. Grandparent –hood totally suits you!

Kate said...

Lots of progress on your PCOs!

Cole is such a cutie! Enjoy your Mimi time.