Tuesday, July 8, 2014

RWB Finish

I abandoned the alternate option of another colorway on the back of the RWB table scarf I started on the 4th, in favor of more of the same. 
Here's the original front. 

And alternate RWB back. Just a stitch and turn project, very quick. Glad I kept it simple :)
We did some shopping over the holiday, coming home with a new BBQ and some necessary grandparent furniture. 

Lucy liked the Pack n Play. I'm all set to babysit. That grandson of ours is already trying to crawl, at 4.5 months. On the move, Cove is!


Kate said...

The simple approach worked beautifully. Nicely done.

I remember having a Pack-N-Play, it was essential travel gear when DT was little.

Stephanie said...

Amazing how quickly those little ones grow and become self-powered! Playpens are good "trappings" when the grandfolks need a nap!

Shay said...

Cove is growing up so fast - cant believe he's heading towards 5 months already!

Those portacots are the best thing ever. I had one for Little P and Im so glad I did !

Marg said...

I had a portacot for Emma when she was a baby, it was a winner. We travelled overseas with her and took the cot with us. She seemed very settled for most of the trip, as she always had the same bed no matter where we were.

Mary said...

You are going to have a lot of fun with Cove over the next several years! Love the way the table runner turned out.