Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mixed Bag Continues

The mixed bag of goings-on continues here at the Orts compound.  I couldn't stand the state of my sewing room anymore and spent last weekend wading through piles, bins, boxes, and more piles.  There was folding and sorting and shoving and tossing.

Many of the piles here, there, and everywhere were scraps that needed to be cut down.  I was ruthless in getting rid of scraps I never want to see again.  Do your scraps do that to you?  I was so sick of some of them! I shoved a bunch in a plastic bag and it will go to the charity shop; ones that were too thin, too stiff, or too small went into the trash.  I do not save strings, selvages, or anything smaller than 1.5" wide. The rest I cut to the sizes I had already set up: 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3.5".    They were sorted ROY G. BIV style and placed back in the drawers.  Larger scraps will be cut into 2.5 strips with my GO! cutter at a later date.  The eventual plan is to separate the precut squares from the strips for easier use.  There is also a drawer of neutral scraps that needs to be dealt with. 

To also cut down on visual clutter, I covered the cutting table with a king sized sheet to hide the bins/drawer stacker/tools, etc.  Lucy thought that was great fun (see her tail there on the left).  This blurry shot was me hurrying before she ran out, which she did, seconds later.  So, while I still have piles and unfinished projects, things are a bit neater.

Friday I worked an early shift and came home in time for DH and me to get out of the house for a sunset stroll on our city's pier, and dinner at a favorite restaurant.

The "marine layer" hanging offshore looked ready to roll in.  But there was no wind and it was warm out yet.

Orange-tinged selfie!

A few dozen surfers off the point, tiny specks.  There wasn't much wave action and most of them were just sitting on their boards, enjoying the sunset.  We had yummy fish tacos at Spencer Makenzie's and were home before eight.  We promised ourselves more of these types of workweek endings!


Janet O. said...

Maybe your example will inspire me to clean up my sewing room. Or maybe the fact that a friend wants to come over and try out my quilting machine will motivate me. : )
Love the orange-tinged selfie. That is such a "golden" time of day.

Mary said...

I think all of us have to have these clean up events from time to time. You have every reason to be pleased with your efforts.

Shay said...

Yep – totally hear you about having some scraps ( and fabrics ) I cant wait to see the back of . And those ones are usually the fabrics that you only bought a metre of but they just seem to keep breeding no matter how much you use of it.

The question is: Do you feel more creative now you’ve done all that organising?

Snap ! Mr. P and I went out for an impromptu weekday dinner last night and have now decided to do that every Monday night.

Chantal said...

Great job on cutting the clutter. I find that a clean place lets in some more creative juice, if you know what I mean. Enjoy the "new" place.

Joyful Quilter said...

How much do you charge? Will you come straighten out my sewing room? ;o)

Quilter Kathy said...

I always wish my room was tidier, but don't want to spend my quilting time cleaning up. Every once in a while I force myself!
Looks like a wonderful date... love the sunset selfie!

Stephanie said...

Such a lovely sky! I love scrap quilts but I do get tired of using the same fabric over and over so it gets donated. I wonder if we spend more time organizing our sewing room than we do actually sewing? :o)

Kate said...

Beautiful images. I love the golden light we get in the fall.

Looks like you made a lot of progress in subduing your scraps. Any plans come to mind while you were cutting and sorting?

Belinda said...

Shoving and tossing!!! LOL
Now thems some fightin' words!!!

I'm constantly mulling over in my mind that there is surely a better way to have my sewing room arranged!

Ha! Grant looks orange and you look yellow….kind of
candy corn-ish!! hahahahah!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

There's no feeling better (at least for me!) than the freedom associated with a CLEAN AND TIDY sewing space; YAY for you! It looks great, Annie!!

Tanya said...

OOh. You are so organized! I need to get to my scrap bin too... But I only get 2" and 21/2" squares cut... Anything else becomes strings... But do those scraps get used? Not often enough!