Saturday, April 16, 2016

Memory Quilt

I'm finished cutting for a memory quilt and am enjoying piecing these simple blocks. 
The center fabrics were cut from my brother-in-law Jan's shirts. I chose a mix of ocean and sailing prints and graphic stripes and checks with his wife, last year after he passed away from cancer. 
The shirts were cut into 3.5x6.5 bricks and some 2.5" binding strips, and I'll use some larger sections, possibly including pockets, for the backing. Sashing strips are 2x6.5" for a 6" finished block. 

My goal is to have the quilt done by Mother's Day, when my sister-in-law will be here for our annual brunch. I'd be pleased to have her use the quilt while spending time on Jan's beloved sailboat, where they shared many happy hours. 


Janet O. said...

I really like this idea for a memory quilt! It unifies the whole thing with the "constant" fabric, and extends the shirts if you don't have many woven shirts to work with. I have promised to make one for a friend whose hubby passed and this will be an option I will show her when she is ready to go through his clothes.
I love that you were able to choose themed prints from the shirts. Will be a great memory quilt!

Mary said...

Like Janet, I also like the use of a constant fabric to tie it all together. This will be a very special keepsake for your sis-in-law. Good luck on getting it finished by Mother's Day.

Linda R said...

Love your new background on your blog!! Such a great idea for a
memory quilt. Love it already :-)

Kate said...

What a great idea for a memory quilt! It's looking great.