Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--an occasional collection of bits and bobs of events and thoughts that land here. 
  • KonMari * of the fabric and scraps has been exhausting and liberating.  It is intense, this category-centric method of purging, but once each category (or sub-category!) is complete, it is a great weight lifted.   The hard part is discovering how MUCH of one thing you actually own! (*The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo)

My re-purposed tall chest holds fabric pieces that are about a fat quarter size and smaller. Look, there's some empty space! 
I thought I was through with this drawer but nearly immediately afterward I opened another bin and found some extremely yummy sample cuts of CW repros a guild member had gifted me, so now that drawer is pretty full.  Marie Kondo likes things arranged light to dark in drawers.  I did that within each color but generally they are ROY G BIV ordered.

And it is a very messy process--I sorted and chose what sparked joy, and discarded a LOT.  This photo is after I went through all the project boxes in the Hoosier and was going through folded fabric.  All the bags under the sewing desk are going OUT.  Multiple sub-categories of this hobby are yet to be worked through before any kind of "after" reveal.
  • Of course I couldn't do this task alone.  I was closely supervised by the Quilt Inspector, Mini, who spent most of her time trying to stuff herself into whatever box I just emptied..some of which were far too small for her 12 lb body!  She likes these California Pizza Kitchen catering trays I brought home from an office luncheon a few years ago.
  •  Occasionally I still do cross-stitch, which I love.  A finish in the embroidery department was delivered to DD Erica's recently.  
It's a subversive saying, so I had to mark out that part of my photo!  My addition to the pattern I purchased here on Etsy were the dead bees at the bottom.  I struggled a bit with a clean finish on the back, mostly because my design wasn't exactly centered on my Aida cloth, so there was not much to work with at the top of the finished embroidery.  Eventually I did get it gathered and secure.
I had bought a piece of inexpensive felt and traced and cut a circle to cover the back, which turned out as too big.  So then I trimmed it and it was too small.  Naturally this occurred late at night when there were no stores open.  I rummaged around in my stash and found a roll of wool felt pieces just the right size.  A more expensive backing but it gives a good finish! 
  • Traffic Rant:  Again with the bicyclists!  There is a new law that states all cars must stay at least three feet away when passing a bicyclist.  That's fine, I wouldn't want to be closer, but the oblivious bicyclist who is riding three feet from the road's edge pushes drivers into oncoming traffic on a two lane road.  Dangerous on the hilly streets around here.
  • I've been at my current scribe job a year now, and full-time for the past four months.  My doctor boss has been on a vacation cruise for 10 days and it has been wonderful to have this time off.  Tomorrow it is back to work, but a short week.  Gotta love that.


Mary said...

I confess bicyclists scare the living daylights out of me too. Thank you for sharing a picture of your sewing space...it looks a lot like mine.

Barb said...

wow....what organization.....

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

After having reorganized and purged my sewing room last year I feel ya. I had bags of fabric which no longer sparked any love and went to the local hospice resale store. Hopefully that fabric will be a boon to some other quilter perhaps just getting started and needing inexpensive, good quality fabric for her project. It was a relief to let goo and get my joy back!

Teresa in Music City said...

My goodness I need to do that too! Probably every quilter alive needs to do that LOL!!! I did clean out a lot of fabrics last year when I washed all of what I had on my shelves, but I'm still coming across pieces that I know I'll never use (they don't spark joy!). I still have so many areas that need to be Kondo'd :*). Love your sewing companion - she's a big girl! My mom has a cat about that big, and I can't hardly fit all of him on my lap :*). My Rocky is a little guy, only about 8 pounds thankfully. And a big dose of LOVE for your Kim Diehl quilt in progress - yum!!! Signing up to follow your future adventures :*)

Kate said...

Wow, you've made a lot of progress with the reorganization. You'll be so productive once you finish because you'll know what you have.

Janet O. said...

Always enjoy the orts.
Your sorting inspires me. But I must admit that lately when looking for a perfect piece for a project, the answer has come from fabric that would have gone out the door in a sort. It didn't spark joy when I looked at either piece, but they were just what I needed. That makes me nervous to throw out everything that doesn't spark joy. : )
The narrow road we take to reach the nearby town basically has no shoulder and is only one lane each way. For some reason it is a favorite route for bikers and often means cars have to stop for each other because bikers leave you no room in the traffic lane. I love a good bike ride, but choose my roads carefully!