Sunday, May 28, 2023

Slow Sunday Stitching--Strawberry

 Slow Sunday Stitching-- Joining up with Kathy's Quilts today with the project of the moment. 

Lori Holt Stitch Cards design.  She stitched her sample on a darker material than what I had on hand, this white Aida pre-stretched canvas. I added a few stitches with a single strand of green to make the strawberry flower stand out more.  Once I finished the teal blue border, I decided to add other motifs to the corners, from another card in the pack. 

The tiny strawberries are cute and fast to stitch.  I may also choose to add the flower and stem, from that same card, along the sides of the border.  Soon I'll need another project to stitch. 

We had a visit from our youngest grandson and our son this morning; Daddy was giving his very pregnant wife a break and they rode over on their bikes. 

Dane enjoyed a cinnamon roll, got his favorite toys out of the toybox, and talked up a storm, as usual. 


Jill said...

The cross stitch strawberry is almost as cute as the ‘lil guy!

Kim said...

How sweet your little Dane is! As is the little cross stitch strawberry.

The Cozy Quilter said...

Strawberry season will soon be here! Very cute grandson !

Kate said...

The strawberry stitching is very cute, so is youngest grandson! Have a good Memorial day.

Tanya said...

Isn't stitching relaxing! Yours is looking fantastic!

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