Monday, June 5, 2017

Design Wall Monday--June 5

My design surface hasn't changed, there are batik strips all over my cutting table awaiting further subcutting for the Beach Cottage project.  However, one of the four colors I am using was lacking variety.  That problem was solved over the weekend when my sister Kathy and I headed north for the Central Coast Quilt Shop Hop.  We stopped first in Orcutt at the Old Town Quilt Shop, a fun traditional shop, then went on to San Luis Obispo, CA.  We met up with my oldest friend, Toni, our former neighbor growing up, who is not yet a quilter but has sewn since we were kids.  We visited two shops in SLO, Picking Daisies and Betty's Fabrics, had lunch, then headed up the road to Toni's home in Atascadero.  After a short catchup with Toni and husband Dan, we visited Paso Robles' The Quiltery and the Quilter's Cupboard in Atascadero before closing time.  I found treasures in each shop, naturally, as did my sister.   Back in Atascadero, after a BBQ dinner, we took a short hike in the nature preserve to give their dog some exercise and view the sunset.  

Central California is full of rolling hills and California Oaks, like this old specimen.  Toni assured me that the grass was green for five solid months due to the much-needed rain our dry state received this past winter, and the wildflower bloom was spectacular too.

Turning back, the fading light caught the front of the townhouses amid those golden rolling hills. 

The next morning before we finished the last four shops, Toni brought out one of the five machines she ended up with when both her mother and great aunt passed away within a year of each other.  The sisters had lived together for some years after Toni's father passed away.  Both were avid quilters and fabric collectors.  I was an instant admirer of the machine she had questions about!

This Singer Featherweight 221 belonged to her Great Aunt and was manufactured in 1952.  It is in perfect condition as to paint and decals.  The belt instantly broke when my sister tried to demonstrate its fine straight stitch, but we assured Toni that repairs and supplies are readily available as these are popular machines, perfect for taking to quilting classes.
The case was also in perfect condition. Toni later informed us that her older sister has another Featherweight that belonged to their dad's mother.  Lucky ladies!  

We packed up our belongings and set out with Toni and Dan leading us to the Sew Fun Quilt Shop in Atascadero, a lovely shop that has lots of classes that Toni picked up information about.  Three shops to go, and over the hills we went to Morro Bay on the coast, stopping at The Cotton Boll.  This shop has moved three times since I first found it many years ago in downtown Morro Bay, but I am glad it is still around.  We said our fond goodbyes to Toni and Dan with many thanks and a final wave as we headed south again.  The last two shops were Roxanne's in Carpinteria, and then home again at Superbuzzy.  We had a wonderful time and look forward to next year's shop hop.   

True to my love of scrappy quilts, my loot has many small cuts and groupings.  The light tan batiks will be immediately consigned to the current project on the cutting table.  The neutrals, purples and greens will join many precut scraps and chunks to be cut for the Bonnie Hunter workshop next week.  I'm looking forward to that!  See more quilts and design walls at the new home of Design Wall Monday HERE.


Janet O. said...

Haven't done a shop hop for years. This post made me wish I hadn't just missed the two in my area. : )
Five vintage machines? Lucky gal, for sure!
Have fun with Bonnie next week! I have over a month to go before I meet up with her.

Janet said...

What a great adventure and so nice you had your sister with you..😊

Janet said...

What a great adventure and so nice you had your sister with you..😊

Karen said...

I love Featherweight sewing machines!

Mary said...

I've never done a shop hop but it looks like you really had a great time. Love your new treasures.

julieQ said...

Yahoo! I am so happy for your fabric haul...enjoy every scrap! I have two was my dad's, and he sewed leather jackets on it!

Judy Hansen said...

Thanks for linking up with Desgn Wall Mondays. It looks like you had a great shop hop. I like the fabric with California map on the right side of the pic. I will look forward to seeing what you make with it.

Louise said...

Oh my goodness! Your post made me so nostalgic! Both my parents grew up in SLO, and we visited family there throughout my childhood. Of course, I knew nothing about quilt shops the last time I was there, but I would love to go back now and retrace your shop hop steps :)

Kate said...

You found some fun stuff. Glad you got to enjoy some time with an old friend. Sounds like a perfect weekend.