Wednesday, August 16, 2017

County Fair Part 3

Ventura County Fair 2017 continued!  Another of my favorite exhibit areas is Floriculture.  It is fun to see both the professional gardens and the amateur each year. 

A Hobbit House was an extremely detailed and large installation that must have taken many many hours to complete.  So much to look at--the photo is only of about 1/2 of the garden.

In another garden display, some very creative folks created a beach scene with our Channel Islands painted on a backdrop, and this Grizzly Bear catching a fish.  

The detail in the face and ears was terrific.  Can you imagine how many hours it took to create?  There are probably no Grizzlies left in our back-country mountains, but there once were many in the County. 
Another group constructed this impressive and large Pirate Ship in the center of the Floriculture area.  It too must have taken many hours to assemble.  The exhibit label caught my attention and brought a chuckle: 

 A Pirate Ship Wreak in a Succulent Seascape.   I think they meant WRECK, lol.

After the Floriculture display, DH Grant and I followed the crowds into the Grandstand Arena to find a seat for the Huey Lewis and the News concert, free with admission.  

We were far from the stage, but enjoyed it very much.  Great band, love the horns.  Huey can still sing, though the high parts are a bit lower than they used to be :)  Huey made lots of jokes about the Bungee Jump, which made national news when a 19 year old got stuck upside down when the ride failed to retract him to the platform cage and he had to be rescued by the fire department--along with his friend and also the ride operator--on the second night of the fair.  Huey also made note of the wonderful ocean-side site of our Fairgrounds, literally feet from the Pacific.  
An early rising moon in the eastern sky near sunset.  

We sang along, clapped and danced in our seats, and after the concert was over, made a beeline for our favorite fair treats before heading home: a Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese icing for Grant, and Indian Fry Bread with powdered sugar for me.  My sister Kathy and I returned to the fair later and spent additional time in Home Arts and another exhibit hall, the Gem and Mineral Building, where we always enjoy seeing the collections people display.  My favorites are usually the ones by kids, who handwrite their labels and have charming descriptions like "I've been collecting Harry Potter items for 2 years..."  Good times!  We'll look forward to next year's fair for more fun.


Janet O. said...

Our fair was last week. We have nothing like your Floriculture display. Looks really fun and creative.
You had a great concert, as well.
We don't have a gem and mineral building, either. I would love that! Collected as a child and used to attend gem and mineral shows that were often in the high school near our home.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love the Fair and the food!! And I love the typos! Looks like they made another one - is it truly "Heritage SucculeAts" - or did they mean SucculeNts?- ;))

Sherrill said...

Oh MAN, I LOVED Huey Lewis!!! He was so good looking and loved his songs. That bear is incredible--at first I thought it was horseshoes. Think I'd have to have one of each of your treats! LOL

Kate said...

Sounds like a wonderful day at the fair.