Monday, August 13, 2018

Design Wall Monday--8/13/18

On my Design Wall:  I started a new project, because apparently having 25+ unfinished ones just wasn't enough, lol.  Well, this one came about after I watched a live feed of my nephew's wedding that I couldn't make it to, being 11 hours drive one way.  Now, in some parts of the country you might cross a state or three in that time, but not California!  Anyway, I wanted something handmade to go along with a gift from their registry, and the cutoffs from a recent Thomas Fire donation quilt seemed perfect to start with. 

The aqua print was joined by stash pulls of red, navy, and green for some Tea Time Placemats (by Pineapple Fabrics).  I had to be creative in my cutting as I had fat eighths of the red, and a remnant of the blue to cut the triangles from  rather than the oversize fat quarters the pattern calls for. 

I cobbled together different prints for the backs (not shown).  Though the Tea Time pattern uses a stitch and turn method with no filler, I will quilt these with batting and add binding in the aqua fabric.  I think bound placemats stand up better to laundering/

I used the never-ending scrappy four-patch project as leader-enders during the placemat assembly.  Having spent another bit of time figuring how many are still needed to be turned into square-in-squares for my quilt design, I decided to sort the already made darks into color families.  There was a curious result. 

Some red, a few orange and yellow, brown, pink, a few more purple...

...but the biggest pile was blue! This is a surprise to me since I seldom make blue quilts.  Maybe I was subconsciously getting it out of my scrap piles!  The other half of the square-in-square blocks are various shades of beige, white, and cream. I decided that more "zingers" are needed in the square-in-squares, so got a bunch of 2.5" squares in red, orange/yellow, pink and purple cut and ready.  And more green, since that's my fave color.   My design requires 240 of these 3.5" blocks, so I have a lot more to make as leader-enders.  Perhaps by the end of the year I will be finished making square-in-squares, but there is no rush---25+ UFOs, as I mentioned?

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Judy D in WA said...

OMGoodnes, that 1st sentence has me giggling like crazy! I love it. It's so hard when you can't be where you want to be but having a life feed makes it better. What a great idea. Placemats are always a great gift.
The square in a square blocks are fabulous! Leader/enders are a nice project for these.

Louise said...

Blue scraps must breed more quickly than other colors. I like your placemats! They are always such a useful gift :)

Kate said...

Looks like you made good progress on two projects this last week. I have lots of blue, but almost no pink. I'm always amazed at what colors predominate my scrap bins. Happy stitching this week.