Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Doll Quilts Underway

 Lori of Humble Quilts has again invited us to swap doll quilts.  It is a big job to match up signees and get us all connected, and I so appreciate her efforts.  I showed the parts for the doll quilt I'm making in my last post.  It is all sewn up now. 

I haven't decided yet on backing, quilting or binding, but will get this off to my swap partner by the end of the month.  These stars were from Barb's (Fun with Barb) last swap.  My block is in the center there, with the chrome/black and red--some readers may recall that my blocks exploded from the mailer and were saved by a postal worker, but got to Barb after the swap.  She mailed them all back to me, along with HER blocks. I told the sad story here.  

I put together a few of the swapped blocks many months ago, and stalled at one point in a design decision. I didn't put one of my stars in the quilt, as I insisted Barb keep one. 

Quilt Math is the hardest math, isn't it?  I decided would cut sashing for the corners, and that was done quickly.  Then the dreaded corner triangle math needed to be done. I always turn to Bonnie's helpful hints on Quiltville.com for these problems, and cut an oversized piece.  Naturally when I added this it was very late at night and after trimming one section, wisely decided to wait til morning for the remainder.  A border fabric was also chosen and I'm happy with  the results. 

The cornerstones are the same brown print as the four patches. 

I love this border fabric, have zero recollection of where I got it, though!   The stars were all such yummy fabrics, I had to take some closeups. 

There are many more swapped stars in the box with my returned blocks.  I'll look forward to petting and playing with them again. 


Sherrill said...

What's not to love about stars?! I love them, too. And your little quilt is gonna be beautiful. I'm sure the recipient will be so excited!!

Janet O. said...

I really like the fabrics in your block. Red, gold and black are so striking together.
Very clever layouts on both these little quilts.
The green border print is a Jo Morton. I don't know where you got it, either. But at least you know from whom it came. :)

Tanya said...

Very nice. I agree that quilt math is the pits. I'm surprised that I ever became a quilter as I can't figure out the numbers at all. Give me a tried and true quilt pattern and I can probably put it together but if I have to doing any counting or (gasp) division, I come up with five different answers.

Barb said...

clever use of swap blocks! Your partner will love it I'm sure.

Kate said...

Very fun doll quilt! I like the pieced border you used, very unique. Corner triangles are tricky, as is the associated quilt math. Both projects are looking good.