Thursday, March 12, 2009

All work, no play

This week has turned out to be just that, all work and no play. Well, except for blog reading, that is, and a little shopping. Is anyone else having trouble finding shoes they like? My work wardrobe for shoes is getting worn out and I'm having a terrible time finding anything suitable. Mind you, I wear a 9 1/2 or 10 so shoes that are cute in size 6 look entirely different in my size. I wear low heels most of the time because I really don't need to be nearly six feet tall while I am at work--I sit 90% of the day! So far, three different stores have failed to separate me from my money. There is an outlet mall nearby and I think I'm gonna hit that over the weekend.

My sewing machine has remained untouched all week and I haven't had time to play with my camera either, though I did manage to buy batteries for it. Looking forward to a little quilt action tonight since G-man will be out playing music. Last night we went to a local Inn to watch "The Chopping Block", a chef/restaurant competition show on NBC that featured the company G-man works for, U.S. Foodservice. The contestants got to shop in the trucks for all their food--they only had 15 minutes though, and their restaurant had to open the following night! We watched the show with some of his coworkers and had some free appetizers and drinks on the company, which was a pleasant diversion. Crab cakes were really good, and so were the onion rings.

Plan for the weekend is to get G-man's quilt binding on and shop for some shirtings for The Boy's quilt, do some cutting on E1's blocks, and generally enjoy quilty things in between cleaning out the garage and going to the shoe outlet. Sounds very exciting, doesn't it?

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