Monday, March 9, 2009

Lazy Weekend

I started my weekend with a list of to-do's but my basic, inherent love of lazing won out mostly. Saturday I did get G-man's binding sewn together, pressed and accordion folded ready to apply, but there it sits. Went to E1 for a bang trim--she's my hairstylist as well as my eldest DD--at the salon where she works (Michael Kelley), bringing her lunch as requested. I can see again! Added bonus: she told me my hair is getting really gray. I corrected her because it is NOT gray. It is WHITE. Good thing I have a professional who takes care of that for me.

Visited the mall to return some catalog items--an unusual thing occurred when I tried on the pants I ordered: they were too long. This almost never happens to me, being nearly 5'9". They had other problems or I would have shortened them myself... Clearance rack shopping earned me a pretty green sweater for under 20 bucks and I treated myself to an $8 mall food court meal. I love Rubio's Fish Especial Tacos with guacamole. After that I dropped by my mom and dad's house where my dad interrupted my starting to mention The Boy's (DS) new job to tell me he found out about it by reading my blog!! Good sleuthing dad! E2 also dropped by while I was there, to pick up her birthday card. She stayed approximately 4 minutes and then was off again. Some quilty stuff happened late in the evening when I did some cutting for The Boy's quilt and G-man watched a rented movie, The Changeling.

Sunday I never went anywhere but wasted away my entire morning lazing about, reading the paper, petting the cats, watching mindless TV and thinking of all the things I should be doing. That word almost never motivates me to start something and generally makes it so I can't decide what to do first. Finally I got my rear in gear and cut and cut and cut squares and triangles, interspersed with ironing fabric, watching Harry Potter movies, dilly-dorking in the backyard, and mucking around with the computer trying to hook up a new keyboard and mouse and external USB port thingie. I only succeeded at the external port but my camera battery is dead and I can't upload my photos. I also can't print anything because my printer is out of one color of ink. I did actually do some paying work, too, clearing the dictation from the hospital. Finally, some more sewing got done late in the evening when I put some 4-patches together for the block centers for The Boy's quilt. Not a bad weekend but not much accomplished!

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