Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Season Finales

Last night I watched the amazing "Biggest Loser" season finale, where a woman a year older than I am won. While watching, I ate a chocolate brownie with chocolate icing :). I get such a twisted kick out of that! I could certainly stand to lose at least another 20 lbs but exercise is the only way to do that and I am too lazy. I even bought one of the simple stepper type devices but it lies neglected and stuffed behind the recliner, which I surely use more than the stepper!! Tonight is my favorite show's finale. "Lost" grabbed me from the beginning and I have rarely missed any episodes over the years. It's been quite a tangled web and I don't try to read too much into it. This guy writes a weekly column that asks both deep and trivia questions and has lots of people guessing and analyzing, which is kind of fun to read too. I plan to read my brand new Quilt Sampler magazine and/or hand quilt during commercials, so quilting still wins out over TV watching. For afficionados: I really hate Kate's character this season and Ben is more fun than ever! Hurley still gets all the best lines and Sawyer is the cutest and cracks wise the best. Jack, I go hot and cold on him. Sayid is sizzling, even if he is a born killer.


loulee said...

When it comes to exercise I find the best thing for me is to find something engaging on the TV!! I use a rowing machine and can go for ages if I find the right program to watch! LOL I used to do the same thing with a step machine too. (Mind your knees if you get going on that thing!)

Stephanie D. said...

When "Lost" first started on the Sci-Fi channel, hubby taped a few episodes and I was hooked! Then he messed up and skipped episodes and it drove me crazy, so I got a Netflix subscription just so I could watch all the episodes. But after keeping the disc for 3 months and not watching it, I sent it back and resigned myself to deserting the ranks! lol

andsewitis Holly said...

I got lost watching Lost so gave up during Season 2. As for exercise, there's a logging road near my house where I walk anywhere from 4-7 miles daily unless it's pouring rain. I have a treadmill but find it boring. I much prefer being outdoors.