Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sister's coming!

My sister is coming to CA in July, Yay! My mom really wanted her to join us and my SIL when we go to the International Quilt Festival in July, in Long Beach. Kathy will spend a long weekend with us and I am taking a couple days off work so we can play. Last time she was here, at Christmas, she proposed we make a quilt as a surprise for my dad's companion. Bear became part of the family a few years ago, rescued from a Post Office sale basket on a cross-country trip, and after languishing on a closet shelf for a while, has become the constant companion of our Dad. It has really brought out the silly in him as he makes up conversations and expressions for Bear, which is so much fun. Bear goes geocaching, too. The fabrics are mostly scraps from the Turning Twenty quilt I made dad. Of course, what do bears eat? Salmon. So we bought a fat quarter of a fish print (or maybe I had one--can't remember!) for the backing.

I appliqued one salmon on the front, for just under Bear's chin if he got hungry while lying under his quilt.
Look at all those yummy salmon!!

The reaction from Dad was priceless. He laughed for a solid five minutes. My jealous oldest brother, however, tried to suffocate and strangle Bear with his quilt!! Here is Bear after rescue, reposing with his new quilt, which he loves.

I can't wait to see what Kathy comes up with us for to make THIS visit!


jovaliquilts said...

Bear looks very happy indeed! So would I be if someone made me a quilt and fed me salmon. :)

loulee said...

Thats cool. I may have to make my bear a quilt, then Hunney would get really jealous. Why are non bear people jealous of bears?

Lorraine said...

How cute...Bear looks very comfy with his quilt.....and happy that he was rescued from the sale bin! Not a nice place for any self respecting bear to end up!

*karendianne. said...

Oh I'm excited, too!!!

Nicole said...

My daughter has been trying to persuade me to go with her to the show in Long Beach. I just can't justify taking the time off right now, but I have always wanted to go!