Friday, May 22, 2009

What A Week I'm Having!

Definitely the most stressful week of the year so far starting from a week ago when our kitchen sink was found to have a pool of water in the cabinet underneath. Monday started off with a phone call early in the morning saying that the server at work would not load our scheduling/billing program. Ooohhhhh, crap! It took three very tense and difficult days before the program was completely uninstalled and then reinstalled by our tech dude. What a mess. Then the next two days were spent calling all the patients back who could not schedule followup appointments or didn't know when their next appt was. The regular receptionist was out as well so yours truly and another employee had to cover her desk. It was crazy busy and the drama will continue into next week. My other two jobs were equally demanding and I'll be covering another employee on vacation this weekend in my transcription job. Plus, Internet Explorer decided not to let me look at many of my regular websites and blogs, saying it was unable to open it and aborting, then hanging up at the website and making me really mad when I wanted to relax! I did play a bit last weekend with the positive words project for Tonya (whose blog IE won't load for me this week!! ) I chose some scrap fabric to try out before using my selected happy fabrics. Here's my sketch and fabric:

Next, my first in a set of errors! Yep, that's sewn on wrong. I needed the straight piece first.

Sheesh, can't even tell where I am going with this, can ya?

Uh huh, it's an O. Sorta. Kinda. Well, maybe.

I was shocked at how much fabric I used up with all my mistakes, making me very glad I used leftovers first! The letter turned out twice as wide as I wanted but I have a better idea of how to construct it "for realsies". It also took way longer than I imagined to make this poor excuse for an O and I discarded multiple wrongly sewn sections just to get to this. My next attempt will be better, I promise. This one looks like the beginnings of a cartoon creature!

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jovaliquilts said...

It looks good! When I first started making letters, controlling the size was one of the hardest parts. It did get easier to do that, so hang in there!
Also, switching to Mozilla Firefox (a free download) as my browser instead of Internet Explorer made lots of things run more smoothly for me. Give it a try!