Monday, July 6, 2009

After the holiday

Sunday I returned to Cotton and Chocolate with my SIL Laura, who has been a fabric collector for some time now, but I am trying to turn her into a quilter. She brought the completed quilt that I helped her put together at Christmas and which she had professionally quilted; it is just beautiful, deep chocolate brown with pinks and Paris Cats, for her daughter Emma. Now the other daughter wants a quilt in the same colors and we were on the hunt for just the right pinks and browns. Laura had fallen in love with a 3 Sisters Moda fabric called Vienna Nights. She only had two fat quarters of the brown on brown sort of toile and had been looking online and in different quilt shops for months without any luck. The very helpful clerk at Cotton and Chocolate said that she "loved to find fabrics online" and went to where she located Laura's heart's desire in about 30 seconds. Laura promptly ordered 8 yards and was ecstatic. They may have called her by now to tell her that they don't have that much, but she says she'll be happy with any amount. Next: getting that project cut out and start sewing!

On a non-quilt related topic, the Michael Jackson Memorial at Staples Center tomorrow is of course top news here in Southern California. Today at work (Job #2), one of the employees said her S.O. had registered online for tickets and actually WON a pair. He drove all the way down to Dodger Stadium to pick them up. It is amazing that, first, anyone would want to go--given the crowds and media hysteria and traffic, besides the actual winning of the lottery. I have heard some sickos are trying to sell their tickets and wristbands on ebay or other outlets. This is plain wrong on so many levels it just disgusts me. Making money off the tragic figure that Michael Jackson had turned into is appalling. Rest in peace, Michael.

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loulee said...

I fear the MJ, like Princess Di, Elvis and other famous people will not be allowed to rest in peace, there will always be someone trying to drag them back into the lime light.
Time we did as he asked and left him alone.