Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What UFO list?

As a "reward" for having a July finish, on Sunday I played with a few brights I bought several years ago outside of Lafayette, Indiana. Wish I could remember the shop's name, sorry! This is the first snail's trail block I have ever made. Man, it was easy to get off square! I should have read these hints before I tried it!
Below are my pieces and the free mystery quilt download from Quiltzine, an unfortunately now defunct website. Can you tell where this is taking me?
Clever patternmaker!
I can't decide which kitty is my favorite of the Twisted Tails Mystery. The purple fabric I had in my stash, but the others were from that Indiana quilt shop. I had a lot of fun with this project though it took me nearly half the day to plan, cut, and piece it. Have I mentioned I am not a really fast sewer? I like to take my time! I plan to finish this with some simple sashing and use it as a wallhanging, maybe in my cubicle at work (my sister says they do not have cubicles at her work, they only have two walls so they are HALF-icles, LOL)
Next I really NEED this pattern to try out my snail's trail skills again. It's not in my local bookstore yet so I'll have to check back soon.

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loulee said...

That was a neat rescue. Cute looking kitties.