Friday, September 11, 2009

Comfort Zone

I've spent some pleasant (though warm!) evenings piecing this quilt I cut out several months ago. It was an experiement in two things: the color combo of red, green, and blue, and secondly trying to make a quilt that is neither feminine nor masculine (even though there are flowered prints!)

I have two more rows of blocks to sew together and then add, but couldn't help myself and got the piano key-type borders together. It is actually kind of hard to sew things randomly--I did "deal out" the colors to make them balance without exactly matching.

Here's a close up of one block. I love the green viney print and wish I had found more than one fat quarter of it! The check and dot fabrics are green on cream--they're coming out more tan in this pic.

I'm so enjoying my little sewing room and though it is yet to be completely organized (who wants to organize when there are cut pieces to sew?) I can work at the pullout table and have more horizontal surfaces to stack or layout things than before. I plan to spend many happy hours there this fall and winter, working on the list of 25 quilts I drew up that are either UFOs or quilts I want to make!


Stephanie D. said...

It's so nice to have a dedicated place for quilting, isn't it?

*karendianne. said...

What a fun color play! I look forward with interest to watch it come together. I'm also happy you're feeling good in your sewing space. I've never had a specific space. I'm a Kitchen Quilter. I think I'd quite enjoy a space. It might even make me more focused.

Tanya said...

And for whom are you making this pretty quilt? Neither masculine nor feminine? It looks like fun!